12 Ways You Can Make Money on the Side

Everyone could use a bit of extra cash, but how can you make that happen? It all depends on your interests and how you manage your time. Whether you want to earn more money to pay off debt or enjoy a trip to the mall, you can reach your financial goals.

Check out 12 easy ways to make money on the side, no matter what your lifestyle looks like. See if any of these options interest you so you can start making the income you deserve.

1. Learn About Micro-Jobs

You might not have much free time thanks to a full-time job or a roster of classes, but you can always try a few micro-jobs with reputable online companies. They only take a minute or two to complete, so you can make money on your own time. 

2. Develop New Crafting Skills

Embrace your creativity and develop new crafting skills so you can sell your work. People are always looking to buy paintings, pottery, clothing, and more. All you need to do is market your products. 

3. Drive Around Town

Signing up for apps like Lyft and Uber could result in significant income, especially for anyone who lives in a small town that lacks public transportation. 

4. Write a Few Articles

Anyone with a gift for the written word can write a few articles through freelance websites. Post your rate depending on your expertise and pitch ideas to make money writing about what you love.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

More businesses than ever are looking for virtual assistants. Sign up for an entry-level position to earn money from home when you have some free time.

6. Design Marketing Materials

If you have an eye for detail and aesthetics, learn about becoming a graphic designer so you can freelance. There’s always a need for marketing materials that you can create in minutes for extra cash.

7. Build Websites or Apps

Plenty of people build websites and apps for companies that need a little help. Find posts requesting help online or pitch your redesign ideas to local businesses that could use an online facelift. 

8. Auction Your Belongings

Sort through your things to see what you don’t need anymore, then skip the apps that rip off sellers. Instead, take your belongings and auction them to bidders to drive a higher price and bring home more money.

9. Post Affiliate Links

Starting a blog can result in long-term passive income if you post affiliate links within your articles. Review your favorite products and your readers will click through to get them, which gives you money in return.

10. Tutor Local Students

Whether you can play the piano or call yourself a math nerd, you can tutor local students as your second job. Post flyers around town or advertise your skills online, depending on if you prefer in-person or virtual classes.

11. Plan Events Online

Most companies need to host an event at some point, but they might not have someone who can arrange it. Get a job planning gatherings online, and you’ll find that there’s always someone who needs help.

12. Sell Freshly Baked Goods

It’s time to whip out your favorite apron and bake up a storm. People love buying freshly baked goods, which could lead to a future business opportunity for you.

See What You Enjoy

Think about your skills and preferences to find the best way to make money on the side. As long as you enjoy what you do, it will never feel like a job.

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