Just found this pic and I think it’s funny. Just imagine Mario is always so energetic - why the hell is that? share:


Funniest and Coolest Flags

Here are gathered some of the funniest and coolest flags ever.We’re far here from the simple striped flags; those are a bit more creative.. Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia share:


Life, death and money of mafia in the Congo

This story has shocked the whole world in 2007. 9 gorillas were killed in the eastern Congo in one week. One of them was a female gorilla in late pregnancy. Animals were killed for no apparent reason, obviously not for being...


About the dangers of Online Dating

Many people meet in the Internet and there are even cases when people get married after an online dating. But there is a flip side, when you don’t see a person, it is very easy to deceive. Here’s the real story,...


Funny Bumper Stickers

As it’s said in the title, you will see a collection of funny bumper stickers. Some are really ridiculous or weird..Enjoy! share:


Crazy Photo-Contest Encounter Fotoextreme

Here’s one creative photo-contest. If I got it right, it takes place in Russia. This is a realistic and extreme type of photos. For example, in the first picture you see a half naked man hanging outside the balcony (lover) and...

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