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Marble iPhone Case

  iPhone marble cases. Not actually marble of course, but gives a deceiving look of being real stone. And costs just $1 with a free shipping. You can get it here.


8 Color LED Glowing Sneakers

  These sneakers are glowing with eight different colors. Also they have a glowing shoe laces as an option and charged via USB. Price is $22 right now. Why is it cool? Glowing in the dark, eight colors and USB charged. Where...


1:32 Classic Dodge Charger Toy Model

  A classic Dodge Charger diecast 1:32 scale toy car for $11. It has some additional bells and whistles - you can open all doors, hood and trunk, turn on head and tail lights and also it has some music playing.


Cup which shows horror pic when hot

This cup is plain black at first but when filled with hot drink it gradually starts showing a horror pic. Why is it cool? Would be definitely attract attention from your co-workers or friends. Where to get? You can get it here

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