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Unbelievably Weird Food

Hamburgers and French fries are probably the most permanent food you can find on earth. It’s proved by New York photographer Sally Davies who has held a unique project of taking photos of the same hamburger and French fries every day for 137 days. Even after 4.5 months this food looks almost the same as on the very first day of the project.


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Homeless Signs with a Sense of Humor

Homeless people have a good sense of humor. They can smile and make others laugh. Their ideas of how to beg for money get more and more creative.


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Ice Cream Advertisements That Have Been Forbidden

The ice cream advertisements in these photos were banned in the UK. Although the reasons may be obvious to some, they may also be controversial to others.


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Star Wars Photos That are Seldom Seen

These are some rare photos of your favorite Star Wars characters. What makes them rare is that some of them were taken during production of the movie, while others were taken of the characters during breaks in between takes and yet others were taken off set. They are indeed rare Star Wars photos.


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Women Hitting Very Hard the Ball

Amazing screenshots from the video gallery directed by Dewey Nicks shooting the superstar tennis players hitting very hard the ball.


Kim Clijsters | Belgium

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