20 facts about the bible to spiritualize this day

20 Facts About the Bible To Spiritualize This Day

There a lot of curious facts about the most popular world book, here are 20 of them…

1. Unicorns were mentioned in the Bible.

In fact it was mentioned in the holy book five times being described as an animal resembling a horse and having a horn on its forehead.

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2 Responses

  1. David says:

    #6 is a LIE that would mean the average verse is 666 words long. Even if you divide the chapters by words, it does not work out. Dividing by the number of books still does not do it either….. Just flat out a LIE

  2. David says:

    #1, it never describes the unicorn, and if you look up:
    you will see its for a one horned rhinoceros, the scientific name of the Asian One-Horned Rhinoceros is Rhinoceros unicornis

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