Cool Stuff

Shuttle Endeavor

A view of space shuttle Endeavor’s flight deck. Not your usual 747 cockpit.

Saving Soviet Cruiser

The Norwegian salvage operation for the Soviet Light Cruiser Murmansk that got aground in 1990s and the dry dock was built around it to help machinery access

Splash and Move


It’s Hot Outside

It can get really hot out….

A Frozen Truck

Frozen truck in the mountains

1000 Year Old Trees

1000 year old Yew trees in Wales

The Face Stealer App

Allows you to wear someone else’s face with it. It’s made by Yahoo Japan and free to download

Bond before He Became a Bond

Bond’s actor in 90′s Disney film

Baby Eats Duck

Baby’s first time eating duck

Jupiter Up Close

Close up shot of Jupiter


Deer escapes to the freedom

Marilyn Monroe meets Queen

Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth, London (1956). Queen is queen.

Biggest Saxophone

Biggest Saxophone but he can’t play it yet, so my advice: just take a quick peak on a huge instrument and leave!

Night in Rio

Nighttime in Rio

Baby pygmy hippo

Baby pygmy hippowants to be cuddled

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