3 Must-Have Items For Travelling With Toddlers

Whether you’re jetting off to exotic lands, visiting long-distance friends and family or simply going on a day trip to the beach, travelling with a toddler comes with its own difficulties. Travelling can be fairly stressful anyway, but add a tired toddler to the mix and it can feel almost impossible. But, it doesn’t need to be. 

No matter if you’re flying, travelling by train or driving, there are many different aids and items you can buy to make your life easier on the day, plus ensure your toddler is happy for the journey. It’s all about planning and preparations and these 3 must-have items will make travel day all the more smooth-running. Let’s find out more! 

Coverall Bibs

Toddlers can get messy, and fast. When you’re travelling and they are in a smaller space than usual, this can often just equate to more mess. If your little one is a particularly messy eater and often gets food everywhere, then a long bib with sleeves is a must-have when travelling. Simply pop it on before they eat so that their clothes are protected from mess, spills and dropped food and so that, when they are finished, you can simply take the bib off, fold up so that any food or crumbs remain inside and pop into a bag ready to clean when you get home or reach your destination. 

A lot of toddlers dislike their skin being in close contact with damp or messy clothes for long periods of time, as it can make them irritable, uncomfortable or cause rashes. If you know your toddler is a messy eater, then a bib can make all the difference, plus it means you don’t have to pack multiple different changes of clothes.

Comforter or Blanket

Routine is vital to ensuring the happiness of your toddler and this is especially important when travelling. If you’re going long-distance and are crossing through different time zones, this can wreak havoc with their routine, leaving you with an overtired and irritable toddler. Try to stick to their nap or bedtimes as much as you can, mimicking the same routine in the best way. Be sure to pack their favourite comforter or blanket so that they have something they are familiar with and can recognise as it being a sign of sleepiness. 

If you’re flying, take any screens or activities off them around 30 minutes before attempting to get them to sleep so that they’re not in the mindset of it being playtime, meaning they’re less likely to get upset. Give them their comforter and just sit with them on your knee until they fall asleep, or look at getting an inflatable aeroplane cushion, which helps transform a standard plane seat into a toddler bed. If driving, then you can just give your toddler their comforter or blanket as it approaches naptime and let them drift off on their own – sleepy toddlers can hardly ever resist the soothing lull of a car ride!

Snacks & Drinks

It goes without saying, but when travelling with a toddler, make sure you pack plenty of their favourite snacks and plenty of water to keep them hydrated. This is especially important if you’re flying and have stop-offs scheduled where toddler-friendly snacks might not be readily available. 

Be sure to include a range of snacks with savoury and sweet tastes and in a range of textures so that your toddler has different things to enjoy and choose from. You can pack food and take it on board with you if flying, so things such as finger sandwiches, cheese and ham wraps, pizza pinwheels, pasta and egg muffins are all good choices, especially if you have a long flight ahead and aren’t sure what the food offering will be like.  Snacks such as chopped up fruits, crackers, cheese and baked porridge squares can be stored in small tubs and taken out when needed. 

With water, you won’t be able to take that through airport security with you, but you can fill it up at a restaurant once you are air-side. If you’re driving, then you can fill up non-spill toddler cups so that they drink when they feel thirsty. 

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