3 Ways To Break Bad Habits Of Your Pet

Pets help their owners to establish social relationships. The social relationship is more difficult than before, when everybody worked and lived on the same site, next to each other. How to help pets in social relations? First, to get a pet you have to talk to someone. So far not been invented pets by mail. After purchase you have to buy their food, pets have to exercise outdoors, you should go to the vet, among other things, and you see the pets we provide a wide variety of opportunities to interact socially.

It is one of your best friends. But, as every friend, you must stand him a couple of bad habits.

Or… Maybe … change. Let these simple tips to break bad habits your pet and see that it is still possible.

If your Dog Chews things that should not be

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, as they explore their environment with their mouth. Also relieves stress and boredom, and helps them keep their teeth clean.

But when you find your dog chewing inappropriate objects (papers stolen from the table or shoes) you have to be redirected towards the desired chewing, such as a favorite stuffed toy or elements.

After praising the dog when you have chosen this acceptable outlet for their chewing behavior!

If your Dog Digs Holes in the Park

Digging is a very rewarding activity for dogs, because they like a scent on the ground or simply to release energy. But must be taught to do it in the right place: a section of the courtyard where it can dig or a litter box, always clearly marked and rewarding your choice with dog treats or toys.

How to Stop your Cat Scratching Things

They usually do so to sharpen or groom their nails, then they cannot avoid doing so.

But to minimize their effects give your cat to scratch a surface that is similar in texture and / or shape the surface he prefers.

For example, if you like the carpet, you may prefer a horizontal surface instead of a pole. It is also a good idea to provide alternatives: toys, treats or catnip on top of scratch or post the chosen surface, which helps you learn to prefer those tools scraping.

You could also take it to the vet for a little claws clipped so they no longer feel upset and eager to sharpen or polish all the time.

Courage! Living with your favorite pet does not have to be torture: all about ingenuity and a little patience.

And to enjoy your pets! And to get you better, you can also follow these 5 tips to understand the secret language of pets.

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