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Scene Shots

These are some amazing photos from behind the scenes of very famous actors during the making of some very famous movies. Some also include the directors giving the actors some pointers. 

Clive Owen, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Alfonso Cuaron on Children of Men

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She Married R2-D2

Our world has gone mad for long ago. Here is another proof of it. After countless disappointments in people, Bonnie Burton decided that the droids are better than men. On August 13, she officially married R2-D2. The ceremony was held by Darth Maul and Steve Sansweet, Fan Relations Director from Lucasfilm gave her away. Dark Vader was the best man, of course.


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Eight Incredible Golden Creatures on Earth

Chrysina resplendens

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Amazing Paintings by a Blind Man

These amazing paintings were done by an artist named Esref Armagan who was born blind. He paints using a Braille stylus and his fingers without any help whatsoever. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over Europe. He has painted portraits of the Turkish president and other officials.


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Artwork That Is Knitted

This amazing artwork is all knitted. It is hard to believe that these objects could be made of yarn. However, when that yarn is in the hands of artist Nicole Gastonguay incredible things happen to it. She is truly a master of her craft.


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