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Hey Visboo readers! Today we’ve got a new exciting selection of twenty (actually 20 + 1) interesting facts, carefully selected for your viewing pleasure. And now the topic is “Japan”! 

It is illegal to be fat in Japan. Each male over 40-years-old must have a waistline smaller than 80cm and women, smaller than 90cm.

Macaque monkeys in Japan have learned to steal purses, wallets, take the coins and use them to buy snacks from vending machines.

There are vending machines in Japan made to give out the telephone numbers of random girls.


In Japan, there are more pets than there are children under the age of 15.



Japan has over 50,000 people that are over 100 years old.

Japan officially doesn’t recognize North Korea.

In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck.

There was a Japanese computer virus that would simply replace all the files on your computer with pictures of squid.

There are Owl Cafes in Japan, where you can pet and play with live owls while enjoying a nice meal.


Sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan, as it’s viewed as exhaustion from working hard.

Japan gives Sumo wrestlers iPads, since cell phones are too small for the wrestlers to text message with.

Japan instituted a “Happy Monday” system that moves most holidays to Mondays so citizens can enjoy more 3-day weekends.

Hawaii is moving closer to Japan at a rate of 4 inches every year.


An old Japanese superstition/myth states that if you lie down right after a meal, you’ll become a cow.


You can buy Gourmet Clam Chowder flavored Doritos in Japan.

Japan has an average of just 2 gun-related homicides per year.



Japanese universities hold memorial services for animals that die in laboratory testing.

Most Japanese schools don’t have janitors. Instead, the children do the cleaning daily to associate cleaning with morality.


In feudal Japan, merchants were the lowest class because unlike farmers and artisans, they don’t actually produce anything.

In Japan you can rent a family to stand in if you are lonely, or simply want to give the appearance that you have a family.

Japanese macaques enjoy having snowball fights.

Stores in Japan keep giant paintballs on hand to mark robbers as they flee.

Japanese square watermelons are inedible and produced purely for ornamental reasons.

Some Japanese soldiers continued to fight after the end of WWII until 1974

Despite having no official military, Japan outspent France in defense spending last year.

There was a Koi fish in Japan that was believed to have been 226 years old.


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