5 Not-To-Miss Google Review Plugins For WordPress In 2023

We have been living in an age heavily driven and impacted by online reviews and customer feedback. And Google is one of the most authentic and trusted search engines. Adding a Google reviews widget on WordPress websites sounds like a brilliant idea for social media marketing. To save website developers and marketers some time, we have curated a list of some best and most amazing plugins designed for WP websites. But before we move forward, let us first look at the significance of Google reviews on your WordPress website.

The Significance of Google Reviews on your Website:

Here are some of the most assorted and significant reasons that will support our argument that Google review is essential for your website’s growth and popularity. 

1. Add authenticity: 

Google Reviews on your website add authenticity to it and provide you with social proof and backing from the internet species. The new website visitors are rest assured when they see GR embedded on your website and they explore your website further.

2. Boost website traffic:

Embedding a GR widget on the WP website immensely affects the traffic of your webpage. Making the digital footfall of your page shoot up high. And higher website traffic means that people are intrigued, and the probability of them being your next potential customer reviews is extremely high.

3. Impact buying behavior:

Observing the purchasing and buying patterns of the masses online, they look up for backing and authenticity before investing their money in a product. Thus, when website designers and marketers embed Google Reviews on WordPress websites, many people are impacted and influenced to make a purchase; hence, Google Reviews are essential for your business’s website growth.

Having seen the importance of GR for your website, let us now dive deeper into finding the most efficient and effective plugins that can help our readers embed Google Reviews on the WordPress website conveniently. 

Excellent And Efficient Google Review Plugins for WP Websites in 2023:

These are some of the best and handpicked Google Review plugins that readers can consider while they are looking up for suitable plugins to embed Google Reviews on WordPress websites. We sincerely wish that our readers go through these suggested plugins and make wise decisions.

1. Tagembed Google Reviews Plugin:

One of the most prominent and popular social media aggregator tools is Tagembed. Now we can access all the best features of the tool in the plugin. The plugin has a user-friendly interface and a compatible consumer assistance team. The best features of the plugin include customization and moderation. The plugin is extremely easy to locate on the WP plugins store and is extremely easy to install. The process of embedding desired GR on the website can be done swiftly and seamlessly using the Tagembed Plugin. The most interesting part about using the plugin is that the user does not require any previous knowledge or technical knowledge of coding to access the plugin. Thus in just a few steps, the plugin will enable the user to showcase Google reviews on the WordPress website.

2. WP Google Review Slider:

The second plugin on our list is the WP Google review slider. As the name suggests the plugin is proficient in embedding GR on WordPress websites. Designed for the utmost convenience of the user. The plugin lets the user customize and adjust the widget according to the preference and liking of the user. There are multiple designing and styling options that the user can use to showcase the Google Reviews widget on WP in an aesthetic manner.

 3. Everest GPlaces Business Reviews:

The next plugin our readers can use to embed GR on WP websites. The plugin offered by Everest is extremely efficient and optimal and the users can use it to showcase their desired content on the website. The part is that the user can embed multiple reviews in one go to attract more website visitors. The user of the plugin can also access the plugin on any device and screen. The plugin also enables the user to add a Rate my button on the website.

 4. Widget For Google Reviews by Radius Theme:

The next plugin is presented by Radius Theme. This plugin can easily add a widget for Google Reviews on the WordPress website. Website designers can include consumer ratings and Google Business ratings on their websites to boost website traffic and consumer engagement. The plugin allows the user to choose from various grid styles and patterns. The coding-free and user-appropriate interface of the plugin makes it one of the best ones on our list. 

5. Reviews and Rating by  Design Extreme:

The last one on our list of the best plugins to embed a Google Reviews on WordPress is Reviews and Rating by Design Extreme. The plugin is extremely user-friendly and compatible with the SEO interface. Similar to the above-mentioned plugins, this plugin also offers plenty of creative designs to create an amazing and beautiful review widget to display on the website. The plugin also has an auto-update feature that updates the widget with the latest feeds every time someone refreshes the feeds.

In Conclusion:-

To sum up, adding a Google reviews widget on WordPress website is the need of the hour. These reviews on your WordPress websites can add authenticity and legitimacy to your website. Making the website more visible on the internet. We have keenly and carefully mentioned a few Google review plugins for WordPress websites that our readers can go through and make a wise selection.

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