5 Things About YouTube

We have been using the YouTube from a long back. We use them to watch movies, music, tutorials, live sessions, uploaded videos and many other personally shot videos. All these videos are available for the user to watch freely in the YouTube. Ever since the YouTube came into the internet, it got huge fans and still it has many fans. The YouTube hasn’t restricted certain region or language or anything is its all for free to anyone around the world. Simply browse the videos, search for the required ones and enjoy them. Even though many people are active online at present watching the videos most of them does not few things about the YouTube.


After the few months of YouTube launched the video uploading started like flooding, the YouTube got so much popular, because of its freedom of uploading. The YouTube doesn’t restrict you to upload, you can upload any kind videos which follow their rules. The YouTube becomes a source for many people to become popular by doing some creative videos and upload them onto YouTube for users’ views.


YouTube offers different set quality options. These settings are can be set by manually or YouTube sets the video quality based on your internet speed. Previously, YouTube supported only a few qualities live DVD, Flv and others. But later on up gradation YouTube now offers different quality sets such as 240p, 36p,720p, 1080,1080i,4K and many other formats. Due to this support, people can opt out for their supported and required quality videos.

Channels & Subscription

YouTube offers the users to create their own channels. Having a YouTube account is enough to create your channel and start uploading your videos. This leads many people to open up their channels and upload videos of different categories. This option gave so many people a chance to come up with creative video creation and different ideas, which are liked and viewed by millions of people.

Become a Platform

YouTube became a unique platform for so many people, they started to use the platform for message sending option, online tutorial, reviews, film making scenes, to promote their creative views, social sharing, uploading social videos and much more. This leads the world to see the YouTube as the different option. Sometimes it has also become a platform to share certain Dark secret things happening around the world. Which will be seen by many people to know the truth.

Money Earning

If you got innovative and creative ideas, then you can start doing videos and upload them to YouTube, if you get better views then you will have a chance get sponsors. Many people become a money earner by doing this kind of activities. People used YouTube as platform, upload their videos and get the large count of views and subscribers and attract the sponsor who can provide them some financial support or donations.

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