5 Time Passing Snacks Can Prepare At Home

We spend a lot time at home when we get weekends and holidays, it is the time we spent with our friends and family. We spend that time with fun and joy with our family members. We prefer to watch some good movies, play games, chitchat and other things to have fun with others. Mean time we all try to eat some snacks for time being, fresh snacks, special sweets, pop corns, salads and other foods we enjoy. There are many snacks available for us both to be prepared and purchasable from outside. These snacks make your time better one to remember later on.


Popcorn is the world most famous time passing snack, which is so popular and simple to make. The popcorn is available in many varieties such as sweet, salt, mixed spices and others. It is not expensive, so available to everyone. Considering a health point of view, it faultless, sugarless, less cholesterol and low in calories. Because of rich carbohydrates and protein, it is popular around the world. The simple preparation, lightweight and proteins in it made the popcorn top snacks all time.

Bread Fry

This is one more simple snack can be prepared easily with simple basic ingredients. One more simple and healthy snack that can be prepared by anyone at home no need chef kind skills for this. Bread Fry, which is less in cholesterol but rich in proteins and light food. This bread fry snack can be prepared with multiple ingredients, such like cheese, ketchup, crisp fired and mixed with fresh vegetables. It is another simplest homemade snack that is every ones favorite.

Banana Oat Bars

The name itself says how healthy the snack is, just simple, healthy ingredients use to prepare this sweet tasty snack item. Oats, Bananas, Cream and sugar these are basic requirements to prepare bars. They are very good in taste and children, loves it may ask for more pieces. The best part of the snack is, it is sweet and creamy while eating them. The ingredients used are very healthy side with less cholesterol, less fats and high in vitamins and proteins.

Honey Peanut Butter Balls

Another most people’s favorite snacks of all time is Butter Balls with high rich proteins in it. When you are eating it, you feel like at kid times, the taste of the each ball makes you feel so happy and childish. This is so simple to make yet awesome experience, the honey, peanut butter, coconut, milk powder is the used ingredients which are used to prepare them. The list of ingredients deflects how healthy these balls. The kids love to eat more and more.

Granola Bars

Another similar snack as banana oat bars, the slight difference is granola is used here. The granolas so healthy for women and children. The eat bite of this snack, makes you feel awesome and tastier and tastier. Eating this snack before any gaming event gives a boost and energies you play it with more energy.

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