5 Ways To Start Decorating A Room from Scratch

So you’ve got an empty room on your hands. In many ways, this is a decorating dream. You have pure creative freedom, which is a luxury few people get. Often, homeowners need to work with what they already have — whether it’s furniture, paint color, or other decors. With a brand new room, you have the liberty to let your imagination run free.

However, pure creative freedom can feel a little overwhelming sometimes, and it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. If you’re in search of some direction, there are a few key places you can start. It all depends on your inspiration.

1. Pick a Color

One of the easiest ways to theme a room is to go completely monochrome. This is difficult to do in an already established space, so your blank canvas is the perfect opportunity to pick whatever color makes your heart sing. You can go sophisticated and sleek in white or gray, or you could go big and bold with colors like red or yellow.

Start with a splash of color on the walls or a statement piece of furniture. Then, populate your space with things that match the color of choice. You can take monochrome in any direction, so it’s an open door of possibilities. 

2. Go From the Ground Up

The floor is often a space that gets ignored or left for last, but what about making it the staple of your room design? You can choose captivating hardwood, select a fuzzy new carpet, or install luxurious marble. You can even add borders and accents, which can make the floor decoration in its own right. It opens up the possibilities for you to go sophisticated and simple with the rest of your design. 

3. Center Your Room on One Specific Piece

Do you have a painting you adore or a chair that just makes you gush, but nowhere to put your amazing focal piece? Your blank room is the perfect opportunity to build space for it. his offers a chance to show off your amazing item and creates an atmosphere that’s bound to result in a room that matches your style.

4. Get Thrifty

Thrifting is a hot new trend, and it’s no mystery why. Vintage pieces are often unique and creative. It might offer some amazing new finds for your decor, or even just provide some inspiration for your new space. There are few things more satisfying than finding a gem while thrifting. It’s like digging through a treasure trove, and styling your new items can prove for an artistic and interesting room. You can also try to create attention-grabbing DIY ideas for the room!

5. Be Selective

Sometimes, the beauty of a new room is the neat and clean surface it offers. Remember that you don’t have to populate it completely right away. You can take your time to find pieces you truly love rather than forcing yourself to acquire things simply for the sake of having them. Be mindful, and you’ll likely build a room with heart and intention. 

From Concept to Reality

An empty room can be a brilliant opportunity and a fun challenge. Once you pick a direction, there’s no stopping you from creating an inspiring space.

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