7 Mistakes That Should Not Commit To Hang Your Curtains

The curtains have a dual function in our windows: protect the interior of the home to the bright sunlight and cold, while decorating. It is therefore very important to know to choose them well. At the time of buying in online stores, a number of mistakes that should not commit to guarantee us a good final result.

When designing the decor of a room probably thinking more on the type of flooring, walls painting or furniture and objects rather than curtains.

If you leave something to solve the latest and without thinking too much, you’d better contemplate these common mistakes to hang your curtains you should not commit.

  1. Buy Short Rods

The rod of the curtains should be long enough so that when open they do not obstruct the light. Therefore, they have to be considerably longer than the width of the window.

  1. Forget the Dark Lining

If the window does not have blinds, you do not stop placing a dark lining to no light at night and you can sleep well. It is also necessary for outside not inside the house illuminated display.

  1. Buy Cheap Fabrics

Ordinary fabrics for curtains are the worst, because washing can shrink, stretch or deform, which definitely ruins your home decor. Curtains should be an important focal point.

  1. Hang the Curtains Yourself

If you really care the curtains subject, you should know that there is nobody better to place an expert. He’ll know what kind of bar need and how to install it correctly.

  1. Paint the Walls First

As we speak, the paint on the walls is one of the first things you do when you prepare a room. But this is a mistake, because before choosing curtains should then select the right tone for the walls.

  1. Choose Fabric of a Small Sample

If you choose a fabric of a small catalog, you do not know how it would work in a shade longer than you need. The fall is critical!

  1. Hang Curtains Too Low

It is wrong to hang curtains that will make your environments to shrink. If the hang high over, lengthen your walls and ceilings will be your highest with this simple visual trick.

If the curtains at first glance seem too tiresome and look for something easier for our windows, the solution is in the blinds. An alternative that is collected or is wound up by different systems, and provides different falls. Perfect for smaller rooms and windows and also very practical in order to better control the entry of light in large windows.

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