7 Silent Roof Repair Signs That Can’t Be Overlooked

Emergency Roof Repair Signs

Roof repairs could empty your pocket if they aren’t addressed on time. You should know the signs or symptoms of an aging roof. Early diagnoses could save your time and money. Take professional assistance from a roofing contractor if you are unaware of roof maintenance tips. You could make a checklist of some major roof repair signs. It would help you discover the root causes of a roof failure. Below mentioned are some signs that would help you identify the possible signs of a roof repair.

1- Multiple cracked or curled shingles

Missing, curved or damaged shingles could be early on roof aging. Most of the house owners assume that shingles are installed only for the sake of looks. The main purpose of a shingle is to protect the roof from minor leakages and damages. If multiple shingles are missing on your roof or they have lost their shape, it means you need to repair the roof.  A roofing contractor would easily replace missing shingles.

2- Any visible leak or damage

Minor water leakages are often ignored whereas they could be a cause of some serious roof damage. Check the bathroom vents where there could a short leakage. If it rains a lot in your area, you should double-check your roof corners. Rainwater could stay for days at some roof corners. It seems like a small issue but if it is overlooked, it would reduce the life of a roof.

3- A roof that hasn’t been inspected for years

Routine roof inspections are important to increase the life span of any roof. The majority thinks that once a roof has been installed, there is no need for any professional assistance. This approach could damage your roof. Save the extra repair cost and perform routine inspections. If you can’t inspect a roof on your own, roofing contractors could assist you. A routine inspection would ensure that the roof is in perfect shape and there is no missing shingle, leakage, or damage.

4- An overaged roof

An old and rusty roof is something that needs a replacement sooner or later. If it been more than 20 years since you’ve installed a roof, it could be the time to replace it. An average life span of an asphalt shingle roof is 20 years. After that, it starts to sag and requires expensive repairs. Consider taking an expert opinion when your residence roof has reached its end. 

5- Constant water leakage

Even a small leakage of water could be the reason for major roof failure. Imagine how much damage a constant water leakage could do? It is best to figure out where there is a constant leakage of water. An early leak could be resolved without too much hassle.  Get your roof inspected by a roofing contractor to find out the hot spot areas where there could be water leakage. He would fix all the leaks and other damages.

6- Watch out for uneven and shaded areas

Not every part of the roof receives the same amount of sunlight. With time, some parts of the roof lose their shine, paint, and finishing. These are vulnerable areas where multiple problems could arrive. Make sure you check all parts of your roof. If you find an uneven or shaded area, closely inspect that. It would be better to avail of professional roofing services. They would find out what could be wrong with an uneven or shaded area of your roof. Even some plants and fossils could grow in some parts of your roof. 

7- A saggy roof, seek immediate assistance

A saggy roof is a clear sign of an old roof that needs an emergency roof repair. Often, sagging roofs have to be replaced with the new ones. Its repair could cost hundreds of dollars. Try to identify the root causes of a sagging roof. It could be due to water leakage, missing shingles on top, or blocked gutter lines. Call a roofing contractor near you to save a sagging roof from falling.


So, the above-mentioned signs would help you save the cost of a new roof. If major roof repairs are done on time, your roof could last for years.

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