a freaky gallery of cartoon characters untooned

A Freaky Gallery of Cartoon Characters Untooned


 Have you ever imagined how your favorite cartoon characters would look if they were not planned and created to perform in products for children but rather for the grow ups? Can you guess this one on top who he is?

 And the next one is… Buzz Lightyear (also warning: you can’t unsee what you will see today!)

Buzz Light Year

Homer Simpson and Montgomery Burns:

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Lala Balakala

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8 Responses

  1. Eridan says:

    He is not Stewie Griffin. He is Charlie Brown. ¬¬

  2. wtf? says:

    Charlie Brown???really???LOL…

  3. sm says:

    The names on the bottom of each picture tells you who is coming up on the next page

  4. Raje says:

    That is Popeye, the sailor man.

  5. Raje says:

    Popeyes the sailorman.

  6. ED says:

    popeye the sailor man

  7. derrickreexs says:

    it is kul

  8. dharren says:

    its cool

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