A Review On Endoscopic Brow Lifting


Doctors have taken it upon themselves to help in solving the challenges associated with invasive surgical procedure. They have come up with much advanced noninvasive techniques to increase on efficacy for aesthetic surgery. Amongst the current innovations is endoscopic brow lifting. Let us see what it is all about:

What it is

Endoscopic Brow Lift is a modality of elevating eye brows through the act of making slight incisions especially in the scalps that bear hair. These excisions are made using special instruments that contain a fiber optic camera.

Historical Background of Endoscopic Blow Lift

Dating back from 3 decades ago, use of fiber optic cameras as well as endoscopic technology has become widespread. Since early 1970’s gynecologists have widely applied the use of endoscopes for not only their diagnostic procedures but also for therapeutic operations. Since then, orthopedic practices have really taken root with the current advancement in technology. It was in the year 1986 that endoscopes were officially introduced for entire surgery. In 1990, endoscopes now became common particularly to brow lifting procedures.

The Steps for Endoscopic Brow Lifting

  1. The dermatologist begins by making 3 incisions all under the fore hair line.
  2. An endoscope is then used to look through the underlying tissues in order to tell the operation that will help in attaining a symmetrical brow lines for both sides.
  3. Special instruments are used to gently lift the muscles off from the forehead bone. By so doing, this releases the frowning muscles in such a way that the eyebrows will stick to an ideal fixed position just like they were intended. This leaves behind an attractive youthful look with symmetrical eye brows.

The good news is that this procedure dies not entail making of an excision at the scalp. This is dangerous as the incision leads to future bleeding of the weakened scalp region.

What Next After the Endoscopic Surgery?

The endoscopic surgical operation modality is not all. There are side effects which follow the surgery. Consequently, there are steps to take in nursing the operated part that may periodically pain.

The following are some of the side effects which may results within the first 5days after the operation: numbness at the affected region, discomfort, an inflammation may result, bruises and so on.

  1. Avoid engaging yourself in any vigorous activity especially within the first days. These may lender the stitches loose and interfere with the healing process.
  2. Avoid cleaning the operated forehead portion with water. This may loosen the stitches before healing can occur.

Upsides of Endoscopic Brow Lift Over Traditional Blow Lift

Drawbacks of using Endoscopic Blow Lifting


Essentially, surgical procedures have proven to run more smoothly since innovation of endoscopes. Thanks to the scientists that worked towards its discovery.

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