Author: Lala Balakala


Dangerous Reality of Identity Theft in Modern World

Have you ever shopped at Target stores? Bad news for you: you might be a victim of an identity theft pretty soon. Have you heard that in 2013 hackers successfully stolen millions of credentials of Target buyers which included names, birthdays,...


20 Cool Facts About Japan

        Hey Visboo readers! Today we’ve got a new exciting selection of twenty (actually 20 + 1) interesting facts, carefully selected for your viewing pleasure. And now the topic is “Japan”!  It is illegal to be fat in...


A Freaky Gallery of Cartoon Characters Untooned

 Have you ever imagined how your favorite cartoon characters would look if they were not planned and created to perform in products for children but rather for the grow ups? Can you guess this one on top who he is?  And the...


14 Interesting Facts about India

Today we are going to tell you fourteen interesting and curious things about India you probably never knew about. Let’s start with number one: 1. Indian housewives hold 11% of the World’s gold. That is more than the reserves of USA,...


19 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Today we present you nineteen interesting and curious facts about dogs. If you own a dog its a must read. If not still a must read! So fact number one: Fact 1: Dogs were the first to jump off a parachute, not...

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