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If you are an entrepreneur, then you are likely to question the usability of business process automation software at one point. Some of the main features of the tool are discussed below for your understanding:-

Accounts Handling

If you follow the traditional methods for accounts payable, then you will process around 100 to 150 invoices on a weekly basis. Each one of them needs to be printed and offered directly to each employee. Some them may require five signatures and take three weeks to get finalized. Monitoring its status often becomes a problem in the approval process.

Once the accounts are automated, all paper invoices will be scanned within an enterprise content management(ECM)system. All invoices will be stored in a Windows type folder, and offered to each employee for review. Every time an invoice progress in the review process, the person approving it will get an email confirming that the invoice is ready.

Records of each step in the process will be recorded. So, approvers will be able to view the history of each invoice. Managers will also be able to calculate the time taken for each step. Errors will be minimized as the system will automatically fill many information fields. It will also detect a mistake and send the error to the technician for rectification.

Efficient Project Management

Your company has to manage hundreds of contracts in a year. If they are handled manually, then there are high chances of deadlines being missed. The process is more time consuming as contracts are printed and distributed by fax. Administrative supervisors from each department will route the contracts and generate monthly reports on the same.

Post automation, all contracts will be handled electronically right from start to finish. So, scanning costs and faxes will be done away with. Training time will also be minimized. Administrative supervisors won’t have to photostat, track or compile contract reports as contract routing will be handled automatically.

Smooth onboarding

As in case of any other company, your firm hires employees. It needs to process job applications for this purpose. Without the use of business process automation tool, onboarding can be problematic. Tracking handwritten dates and notes on resumes and their record maintenance of each candidate consumes a lot of time from an HR executive’s schedule.

But once you automate job listings and applications, your HR team as well as candidates will experience a more organized, paperless process. Resumes and cover letters will be uploaded electronically and routed to you on submission. Once an application moves through this process, automatic emails are sent to managers for approval.

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