Does Eating Fiber Foods Actually Helps You Lose Weight?

Are all calories equal? It seems a simple question, but the answer varies greatly among scientists. Until recently, most nutritionists thought that yes, all calories are equal and, since fats are the type of nutrient that contributes more energy, is that we should first reduce if we lose weight.

Many people think that eating foods rich in fiber is important only when you want to lose weight, others think that one should consume fiber to make good belly. Both are true but not exclusive, always you should consume foods rich in fiber.

But when it comes to lose weight, fiber helps?, how much fiber is needed to satisfy our appetite for longer?

Does the Fiber really makes the Difference?

A study compared the results of two groups of people who dieted, a group made a conventional diet and the other was a diet rich in fibers. The conventional diet was quite complex to make because the participants had to count calories, grams of reducing sugar, eat more vegetables and lean protein, and they had to eat enough fiber. The other study group had to eat according to their free will but provided only eating 30 grams of fiber a day. You wanna know what happened?

Both groups lost weight, but the group that followed (the most stringent) standard diet lost just a little more weight than the other group. So, what conclusion did the study? That the simple act of eating fiber helps us lose weight without counting calories or dieting too strict.

How much Fiber Eat?

If you want to know an exact amount, 30 grams of fiber a day they are enough to lose weight.

Fiber helps you lose weight in different ways. The first thing to know is that eating foods that contain fiber make you feel sated your appetite more easily than those that do not contain fiber, this is because your stomach will take longer to digest what you’ve eaten. You’ll feel full longer and eat less food! This means those not eat more and not consume more calories in the day than you really need.

It’s as easy as choosing whole grain foods when you buy bread, cereal, pasta or anything you need, just make sure you look up the word “whole grain” on the label. It is also important to ingest a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit because they are great sources of natural fiber that will help control hunger.

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