Ensure Safety and Tightness Of Big Home Removals

For the big moving in a new house with all the family members and maybe with the pet – a great idea is to call a special removal company. They have special vans and moving boxes for pets, and that`s only a glimpse of all their professional services. Sometimes it`s more convenient to hire a man with a van or even only a bigger van and to do everything else by yourself. In all cases, you have to ensure the safety and tightness of your belongings during the move, and next are few great ideas.

1. Use wrapping materials for big furniture objects with wooden or other small details. The wrappings should cover all over the face and the doors of the furniture or only the corners with the most details. For the other areas, it may be more practical to use blankets and curtains with soft surfaces, which can easily change into the perfect safety materials while saving from extra space in the meantime. Stuck them between the walls of the boxes and the walls of the biggest items as a prevention from possible damage, scratches or a move inside the box during the sharp turns on the route.

2. There is nothing to beat the choice of the exact types and sizes of the moving boxes when it comes to a safer and tighter wrapping of the objects. There is a myriad of moving boxes and London Man with a Van Ltd. can help you to pick the right choice. From giant boxes for wardrobes, desks and beds, to flat boxes for mirrors and TV screens – there is no need to struggle. With the right choice, you can easily tighten your items for the long move. Ask your removal company also for recycling or eco-friendly boxes, which can lower cost too. For the biggest objects, some companies offer rental boxes and other complimentary services that can make the relocation easier and less stressful.

3. The flat TV screens, the mirrors, the big windows, the big paintings and all the other big fragile items like decorative vases or porcelain need the most a safe and tight wrapping for the move. Because of that, you can buy from the hardware local store edge protectors, which are very useful for long flat objects by protecting their edges. A strong plastic sheet between the front side of the painting or the TV screen and the wall of the box is another brilliant idea, especially when the front side of the box`s highlighted with labels like “Always on top”. Stroll through the house to see if you still keep the original boxes of the electronics. Another great hint is to stuck blankets and other soft light fabric materials inside the boxes so to fulfill all the voids.

4. Overall, try to secure your belongings and especially the biggest ones, the most detailed ones and the most fragile ones by arranging them tightly in moving boxes. To make them even tighter and safer for the trip – use packaging tape to prevent the boxes from opening in the moving van. There are numerous tapes for different situation and usually the simplest tape is just perfect. Second, plan wisely how to arrange the boxes in the moving van`s cargo area. The main rule is to strive to keep the balance while piling the heaviest and biggest boxes not in one place, but at all the corners and sides of the van. The boxes and the bags with the smallest and lightest items should be on top of the heaviest ones or even you can arrange the lightest boxes in a way to alter the tightness even more.

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