Exciting Plans for Reunion

A sense of excitement thrills in when you hear the word REUNION, right?  Meeting old friends after a long while and rejoicing all the old times you spent together is an amazing feeling. You pass by ample of people all through your academic years. There would have been your neighbors, who were part of your evening playing hours, those school friends who were a part of all your mischief. There is a college group and group of ex-colleagues you worked with, all of these sharing a good part of your life. This is the reason that reunions are always exciting and fun. Talking about Family reunions, these are the best ones. We wait for quite a time for such reunions to happen, so why not make this much awaited plan super fun.  Listed down are some of the plans that you can opt for your next reunion.

  1. House Party

A House party is another level of comfort one could ever get. Comfort Place, food, music and what not.  Cook all your favorite food together or order for it. Enjoy the music and share your lives and days you all have been apart. Do not forget to order cake online in Bangalore , delhi, Noida, Hyderabad or wherever you are. Online delivery services are a complete comfort to make you spent more quality time with your dear ones.

  1. Road Trip

Road trips are quite an adventure. If you have a circle as adventurous as you are, Road Trips are a perfect choice for you. You can go for a short Road Trip to your favorite place on the weekend. If you aren’t short of days and have someone to share riding/driving, you could surely plan a long road trip. This must get a bit tiring, but if you have an amazing company, you wouldn’t mind getting exhausted for it. You could go to Jaipur, Udaipur, Rishikesh, Lonavala, Khandala or Pune depending upon the place you live in. One thing that would be a mutual choice to all irrespective of distance is surely a road trip to Leh Ladakh. We all would have sometime planned for this road trip to leh ladakh. You have the chance to celebrate your Reunion in the most fun manner.

  1. Metropolitan Nightout

Experience the nightlife with your best ones. There are a lot of night cafés and restaurants that provide relief to your midnight hunger while you count on the stars or the city lights with your Gang. Drive away your stress amid the streets. You could start the night out by going to club, dance till the club shuts down, go on the streets, ride through the best places in the city like India Gate in Delhi and marine drive in Mumbai. Anywhere it is, you could always order cake online in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities as they deliver all night. reunions definitely calls for a cake.

  1. Trek

Treks are another adventure you must do once in a while. Once you have done it, you would want to do it again and again. Team up with your friends, compete for the highest peak, set tasks and punishments for the losing team such as cooking for the winners. You are going to enjoy every bit of this trek. Triund, Nag Tibba , kedarkanth, hemkund sahib, bir biling are some of the most fun and adventurous treks you must consider going.

  1. International Tour

An international tour has to be a full-fledged plan. Though we agree to the fact that the best plans are the unplanned ones because the planned ones never happen, but when we say an international tour, we definitely need to look for a plan. Planning days, budget and places is quite a task. If you have a good amount of money, you could go for an international trip. This could be a place you read comics about like one in ‘ Tamasha’. This could be a place you always wanted to party at like New York City or a place you always fascinated about (no clues about your fascination. Winks! )

Reunions happen in a long time which makes them even more special as distance makes us realize the importance if people in life. Do not forget to make your special ones realize that they are important and deserve a fantastic meet and life ahead as all of you would head towards it after this reunion. Everyone is hustling in life, for family, for career and for education. This fun break is much needed by everyone and when you all have a chance to do so, you must. Steal some moments out of your busy lives and hectic schedules in the name of some old friends, old memories and old life. Make sure it as best as the people around you are.
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