Famous Loopholes When Cleaning Carpets and Rugs At Home

1. Pre-vacuum quickly and easily. It should be easier for a further cleansing. This yet easy loophole helps you to get rid of the bigger sand particles, loose dirt particles and hair, which usually make the big mess when deep cleaning carpets and rugs. Begin with a new vacuum cleaner bag to ensure a better effect.

2. A carpet grooming brush becomes one of the most useful tools when dealing with small spills and stains. Apply the detergent onto the stained area and let it soak for a dozen minutes, according to the degree of staining. Then, scrub thoroughly with the brush in various directions, which will enhance the dissolving power of the detergent and thus will eliminate the need for further treatment.

3. Always after spot treatment – post-treat with just a soapy water. This enhances the clean effect and it seals the degreased fibers so to make them more visually pleasing and for a longer time. The soapy water adds the final shades of every carpet cleaning application in home conditions, as well as enhances the scent and the fresh atmosphere at home.

4. Use the vacuuming machine to make the fibers of the carpets fluffier and truly sparkling. The best way to do it is right after the drying time. Make sure that all the treated spots and stains are completely dry, then, vacuum again and the carpet should restore its original new outlook, especially carpets with long natural fibers.

5. For removal of stains from spilled soft drinks – make yourself a quick homemade detergent of a dishwashing detergent, shampoo and hot water. The shampoo`s foaming effect will deepen the dissolving power into the base of the fibers, while spreading a fresh and pleasant aroma in the meantime. It`s recommended not to rub directly onto the spot, because it will make the mess even bigger. Dabbing only is a great idea to wipe off the excess of the foamy homemade detergent.

6. There is one difficult and yet effective loophole for removing traces of a dry gum without cutting the fibers or causing shrinkages and other blemishes. It comes to hardening the gum with ice cubes for a couple of minutes and then a complete removal via spatula or even by hand. Then, simply clean the remnants of grease and stains via hot water and a dishwashing detergent.

7. Make another simple homemade solution to remove stains from tomato sauce, butter, coffee, tea or kitchen grease. It comes to a strong mix of powder laundry detergent, hot water, baking soda and rubbing alcohol. According to how much you are mixing – you can take advantage of a quite strong and yet simple homemade detergent to remove truly persistent and heavy stains from the carpets.

8. The best loophole for extremely quick cleaning of carpets and rugs is just to rotate them. This will ensure an even exposure of the worn areas and the best thing is that it usually requires less than a minute. What better way to clean quickly the carpet when waiting guests and friends, for example!

9. Turning the carpets and the rugs is another quick and easy loophole, which is useful if your carpets have nice beautiful backings. One you can preserve the clean effect by exposing the clean side of the carpet to the foot traffic, and two you can take advantage of a complete change of the home atmosphere if the backing of the carpet has a completely different themed coloration. Read more at:

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