Fashion Trends For Men In Summer 2021

We are officially past the halfway mark for summer. However, you can still enjoy the wonderful summer fashion trends for men in 2021. There are many styles that you can choose from and enjoy as well. It depends on what fits your particular taste for fashion.

Chambray Shirt

This is one of the smarter shirts that you can choose. It is a shirt that looks similar to a denim shirt but, it is much thinner. Chambray can come in multiple styles and colours. It is something that you would wear when you are going somewhere such as a nice restaurant or a bar.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are great for creating a strong and absorbent material which is great for summer. Especially if you get a summer shower. However, there is one issue when it comes to linen shirts. It creases much quicker than thicker fabrics. Nonetheless, this helps to give it a much more casual look in the summer months which is one of the reasons why many men wear it.

Seersucker Shirt

Who knew that there were so many different shirts out there that be perfect for the winter months. This is the best smart-casual summer shirt on this list. It is usually thin stripes that are weaved together into the fabric. There are many other patterns to choose from with a seersucker shirt as well. This style can be unique so, make sure that it goes well with the other clothes that you will be wearing.

Plain V-Neck T-Shirt

You either have many of them in your wardrobe or none at all. However, they are great for the summer months. There is no better shirt than a v-neck to expose your chest and get some vitamin D. They tend to be a much thinner material compared to other t-shirts as well. Although t-shirts tend to not be a thick material. 

A v-neck t-shirt can go with anything. It can go in a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans. Not to mention that they look great in a lot of different colours. They are one of those clothing items that are easy to pair up with anything that you decide to wear for your bottom half. If you wanted, you can go with a t-shirt that is patterned with stripes. Nonetheless, you could just keep it simple with a plain white or black v-neck that is animal friendly

Chino Pants

Onto the lower section of the body for those warmer temperatures. Firstly, we will start with a pair of jeans/ chinos. Normally, it is recommended that you avoid jeans because they are so thick. They can also cause a lot of chaffing. Nonetheless, there are some pants out there that are perfect for the summer months and those are chinos.

Chinos can come in a range of different colours so, it is all down to what you prefer. Although, both Khaki and navy are your more traditional colours if you want to keep it safe. Chino pants are the best call to replace a pair of denim jeans. 

Additionally, they do not have to be skin tight as well. They can be more of a relaxed fit so they are not skin tight when you are sweating. One of the best things about chino pants is that you can roll them up a few times. 

Linen Pants

We have already discussed linen shirts. Now, it is time to discuss linen pants. These are a much looser fit compared to your traditional cotton pants. Not to mention that they are much more suited for higher temperatures. These might be the best go-to for your office job as well. 

Linen pants are not only stylish but are also perfect for comfort. It is recommended that you buy a pair that is made with cotton. The reason for this is because linen is prone to creasing. Cotton reduces the chances of that happening. 

Denim Shorts

Denim is a material that is very hit and miss when it comes to the summer months. The last thing you want to be wearing is denim jeans when the temperatures are 20 plus degrees. However, you can wear denim shorts. 

They can be quite tight for some people so, make sure you try them on before you buy them to save disappointment. This is a fashion trend that is made affordable and convenient for the summer months. 

Chino Shorts

If chino pants are a bit too much for you, opt for the short style instead. It is a great, fashionable material at the end of the day. Not to mention that is a great way to add colour to your outfit as well. You can either wear a shirt with your shorts or you can go in a t-shirt. Chino shorts are for your dressier occasions. If possible, try to avoid wearing these all day as they can be quite uncomfy. 

Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are a wonderful addition to the wardrobe. These are your more relaxed fit and is some that you would not often wear for restaurants or going for drinks. They are more suitable for your casual wear. Sweat shorts are great for when you are going on long-distance walks in the sun. 

If you are back at home, they can be a choice then as well. As they are easy to relax in. Many companies will make mens twin sets as well. Shop around your favourite brands to see if they offer anything in this particular style. 


There are many wonderful items to choose from during the summer months. Some will be perfect for your style and others won’t be. It is all about experimenting with different items to see what suits you. Your taste for food changes over time. This is the same for fashion as well. So do not be afraid to try something new and that is outside the box.

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