Features and Specifications Of A Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

A bottleless water cooler dispenser is the perfect solution for a number of workplace or public settings. From offices to reception areas, lobbies, libraries, medical centres, leisure or sports facilities and educational establishments, these water systems are more efficient and versatile than traditional bottled water dispensers.

In a bottleless water dispenser, water is pumped from the mains water supply and then either chilled as it comes through or chilled in a reservoir. This negates the need for someone to come and change the bottles and is therefore easier to maintain and better for the environment. Read on to find out about the key specs and features of a bottle free water cooler dispenser.

Water options

In a bottleless water dispenser, users are not limited to what kind of water temperature they get. Water can be hot, ambient, chilled and even sparkling. Water can be chilled as it comes through, known as direct chill, or it can be chilled in a reservoir. Chilled water can be set at between 2 degrees and 11 degrees Celsius. For sparkling water, customers will need to use a CO2 canister, which directly adds fizz to a water serving – ensuring users receive a fully fizzed water every time. Creative office workers can even add cordial or juice to the water after it has been dispensed, to jazz it up a bit. When opting for hot, water is dispensed at a temperature of 92 degrees Celsius, hot enough to brew a green or herbal tea to perfection, or even to make coffee or hot chocolate. A standard unit has a throughput of 22 litres of chilled water per hour and six litres of hot per hour.

Key features

A bottleless water cooler features an easy to use touch button control panel, with easy to read symbols. It will also feature an automatically illuminated dispense area, with the illumination helping to prevent mistakes and spills. The integrated cup dispenser means that cups are stacked securely, partially within the unit, which prevents dust build up and stops towers of plastic cups from toppling over. The actual water dispenser – the tap or faucet – is shrouded within the dispense area to improve hygiene.


Bottle free water dispensers are available in a range of sizes, with options suitable for up to 10 or up to 25 people, in a choice of freestanding or counter-top models. Larger freestanding water coolers have dimensions of 310x370x1065mm, whilst the compact countertop model has measurements of 315x370x475mm.

As you can see, the latest bottleless water cooling systems show a marked evolutionary leap from traditional bottled units. These units offer users more variety in what they drink, with the addition of hot water meaning it can double up to be used for hot drinks too. With water pumped from the mains, they are effectively cheaper to run and are better for the environment than bottled options. They also mean you never run out of water!

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