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Search Engine optimization or SEO has been adopted widely as the effective marketing strategy by a huge number of businesses around the world. As the digital landscape has been tremendous changes in the past few years, several enhancements have been made to SEO strategies and so, it still remains as an effective and crucial way of enhancing the visibility of a website and ensuring success of the business. By now, you may have a question rising in your mind- How does SEO work?

SEO Process: 

SEO is the process through which search engines create the indexes of a website that appears when searched by the internet users with a specific keywords. For example, if the internet user type basketball into the search box, then results will be popped up related to various things such as football jersey, tickets, latest tournaments, live streaming and many more. Once the user hit the search icon, the search engines do either of the two things.

What Does Search Engine Do?

The search engines decide what websites are relevant to the search terms entered by the user. Secondly, it determines in which order the results have to be displayed. Of course, it displays the most relevant site at the top of the list. So, the user certainly clicks at the top listed site, which means that lots of traffic is brought to the site and thereby increasing their revenues. In order to bring your website at the top of the listing, you can hire a specialized SEO company such as YEAH! Local. This company has a team of professionals who are aware of all the strategies and they help you out in choosing the right keyword relevant to your website. In addition, they also implement several advanced techniques to increase the visibility and ranking of the website on all major search engines.

Another common doubt that most business men have in their mind is How long does SEO take? Of course, all people prefer achieving the reliable results within a short time. They want quick result to rank top on all major search engines. Most of the website owners have unrealistic expectation of gaining instant results. But, authentic SEO strategies take time and lots of effort to work. Of course, some websites get instant results but only through black hat techniques which are not encouraged by search engines. In fact, they block or penal the websites that use black hat SEO techniques.

Justin Herring is the Founder and Head of SEO at YEAH! Local. A boutique agency in Atlanta focused on results and ROI with SEO and Content Marketing for our clients. Recognized as an SEO Expert, Speaker, and Trainer.

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