How Do Locksmiths Make Car Keys Without The Original Key

Car keys are always seeming to go missing. When it happens, this is a real pain, and you’re left unable to drive your vehicle. Having lost your car key is needed to be addressed with professional help. This is something you can’t do at home.

Car lock is a sensitive thing that you can’t let any unprofessional play with as it can damage your lock. If it happens, you’ll have to replace the lock, which can be very costly.

You might be wondering how locksmiths make car keys without the original key for your vehicle. To develop trust, you need to know how locksmith technicians make car keys without the original one. Following are the ways to do so.

A locksmith will gather your information. 

To get you a replacement car key, the locksmith will need to gather specific information from you, such as:

Above mentioned information will help the locksmith identify what type of key your car needs? VIN can be placed on the driver’s door or dashboard at the driver’s side. You also need to provide this information to prove the real ownership of your car. After gathering all the information, the locksmith will start working.

Understand what type of car key you need 

Many people find themselves needing a replacement car key but don’t know what type of key they need or even where to start. Is it a chip key? Is it remote entry? We can help you understand your needs.

Different vehicles need a different types of keys. The type of car key depends on the manufacturing year of your car. If your car’s make was before 1981, you could get a standard basic key because older cars don’t have transponder keys.

Cars manufactured after 1981 are considered modern cars, and locksmiths can create transponder keys for them. If you own the latest car and your original car key was a key fob, you may need to get a smart key as a replacement.

Smart keys are like remotes, having a key fob attached to them, and they do not need traditional means of turning on the ignition.

Replacing car key with vehicle identification number 

When the keys are lost or stolen, we need the fastest way to get the spare one. There are some ways to replace car keys without original ones. But making new car keys by using VIN is the most popular one.

Every car sold after 1954 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) unique for every car in the US. In 1981 National Highway traffic safety administration standardized the format of VIT that Is 17 character number placed on a metal plate on the driver’s door or dashboard.  

The driver who has lost their car key can get a replacement by an automotive technician specializing in car keys. To get replacement keys by VIN, you need to provide proof of ownership. The locksmith will get a key code used to make a new key by using VIN. After making the key, the locksmith will need to use the latest equipment to re-program the onboard computer to ensure your new key is working.

Reading the lock cylinder.

Despite the new models of vehicles, the locking mechanism for the car doors remain the same in most models. If you accidentally lost your car key, a professional locksmith may be able to get a new key by reading the lock cylinder. This is the most accurate method to make a spare car key by reading the lock cylinder. This method involves small cameras to define cut depths on a key by inspecting the pins within the lock cylinder. Expert locksmiths do have specialized tools and cameras for this purpose. They make a new key to match the unique specifications of the specific lock without causing any damage.


Vehicle makers include a factory key code containing unique characters on their locks, which experts can use to make a new key for a specific lock. A skilled and professional locksmith knows how to use this information to make a new key for the lock.

Locksmiths also use visual decoding to cut a new key for a lock. This is the best option for an old key that no longer works accurately. The locksmith will carefully examine the key to know how a new key should be cut, then use these visual hints to create a brand new key.

Dissembling a cylinder to create a key 

The cylinder on your deadbolt is a tricky beast. If you have lost your keys, there are a few methods to make new ones without original keys. A locksmith can create a new key by disassembling the entire lock cylinder. Removing the whole lock is a time-consuming process because the locksmith needs to open the lock cylinder and evaluate the height and alignment of the pins inside the lock cylinder. Then, he will use the information to cut a new working key for the lock.  

1- Creating bump keys 

A bump key is a key without any notches to put in the lock, still opening the lock. Bump keys are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to break into a car.

Bump keys are devices used for opening a pin tumbler lock without using the original key. This allows technicians to open a lock with minimal fuss and the least time.

2- Casting to create a key 

Casting is used when the original key has been lost. However, this does not mean that a car key can be copied.

3- Programming the key

Programming a new key is a complex task. The copy of the car key refers to making the same copy. This is usually done to achieve a backup that may be used to open or close the doors if the original is lost or misplaced.

On the other hand, programming is feeding the keys with the necessary instructions that may be needed when the same is used to open or close a door. The act of programming is often complicated. Also, car key programming cost is much higher than other alternatives.

To wrap up 

Losing your keys can be a costly and stressful experience. To make a car key without the original is a task that demands plenty of expertise. But don’t worry. A licensed and professional locksmith like White Knight can help reduce your stress and prevent damage to your car by making new keys for any locking mechanism you have. 

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