How To Create A Peaceful Space

Many people have been doing their homes up all through last year with a lockdown being in place. Others have left it for when things are a little bit more certain. Your home is a place to escape after a stressful day in the office or to recharge your batteries. It is a lot easier to think that this is the case but when you get home there may be a stampede of children or just nowhere to sit and relax. A home is one of two things, it either drains you and leaves you exhausted or it gives you a nice place to relax whilst nurturing you. It is essential that your home can help you relax whilst also feeling ready to face what your next task of the day is. In this article, we will go through some simple ways that you can make a space more peaceful.

Declutter The Junk

Whether you are a little unorganised or are a maximalist, clutter is one factor that will build physical and mental chaos. Unkempt piles of mess can seriously make your life a lot harder. Whether that is spending an extra 20 minutes finding your keys or that important document that you knew you should have kept somewhere safe. By allowing yourself some time, you should go around the house and declutter everything. Whether that is your wardrobe or piles of mail that needs organising it is a great task to help to destress the house. If you have things you don’t use, send them to charity or get rid of things that you don’t need or use. 

Go for Some Colour

A bit of colour goes a long way to change the mood of a room. White textiles show a sense of elegance and coolness to a bedroom whereas a touch of green in a living room can make a room feel relaxing in the living room. This doesn’t have to be everywhere but a touch of colour can go the right direction for you to have a relaxed space. It can be difficult to choose the right colour scheme so it’s best to try with different shades and combinations so that you can tell how it will affect your living space. 

Embrace The Power Of Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to recharge your batteries when they are low. Many go for hikes or to their local garden centre when you need some time to relax so why not bring the plants to you. They add a great pop of colour to the house, eliminate toxins and reoxygenates the living space. If you are not very good at looking after plants, then opt for succulents or plants that require minimal maintenance. Other alternatives are looking at botanical wall art if you don’t feel quite ready to commit to live plants! 

Don’t Overlook The Bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate area so it should be inviting and help you to relax whilst also showing the essence of sophistication. Even with cheap bedding sets and soft furnishings, you can transform the room completely. You always want to feel wowed but also somewhere that you can’t wait to get to at the end of the day.  It is key to pick colours that resonate with you, no matter if you want pastels or neutrals. Stay away from big bold colours as this will be far too big and bold to help relax. Another idea for your bedroom is to remove the television from the bedroom as this encourages you to chill rather than fall asleep. 

Encourage Natural Light

Natural light is a fantastic way to help people feel more relaxed and highlight intricate details and clarity in the room. A naturally lit room helps to encourage productivity, improves the mood and creates a much nicer atmosphere. If you live in a small dark apartment, try and utilise the light you have left with some beautiful mirrors as this helps to reflect the light you have to make the room look much lighter than it actually is. The best way to do this is to put the mirrors opposite the window. 

Add Some Art Around The House

Art is well known to help people relax, so it makes sense to have a few pieces scattered around the house. Art will help to decrease stress levels by controlling your thinking patterns due to it reducing your blood pressure and stress hormones. It also helps to inspire the imagination and get your creative sparks flowing, this will also help to make you feel more relaxed as it keeps your mind to a place where you want to be. This is especially the case with landscape pictures. This won’t be to everyone’s taste so you can go for something that makes you feel relaxed. A tip is to still correlate the colour scheme to the room you are in as this will look out of place if it isn’t. 

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