How To Create Great Content For Your Site

Writing great content can take your site from average to extraordinary. Regardless of your industry or size, content that is engaging and interesting will keep your customers on your site for longer and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Be Original

Google and the major search engines value unique content above all else. This doesn’t simply mean that it can be gibberish, it needs to have some value to it. Listing specs and features isn’t enough and more and more storytelling is becoming a feature of the best content. Placing your products and services in the lives of your audience is imperative for creating connections conversions. Being able to relate to the sales patter of a site will elevate your business in the mind of the consumer, creating a place in their life for your business. You can have the best online shopping cart software, but if your writing is subpar, users will be wary of purchasing from your online store.

Have Strong Headlines

Statistics show that the vast majority of people will read the headlines and move on. To keep your audience interested, your headlines need to spark interest in a short amount of time. Keep them short and snappy, with enough detail to pique the curiosity of a reader.

Have Actionable Content

Don’t leave your readers hanging. Ensure you have a clear path to closing the sale with a strong call to action. The goal of any eCommerce content is to encourage sales and lead users to the shopping cart. Your content should always be written with this goal in mind.

Keep It Fresh

Users as well as search engines value content that is relevant and up to date. A website isn’t a set and forget solution, it needs to be tended to and invigorated from time to time. Rewrite product descriptions if they aren’t meeting your goals and add more information if you find you are receiving a large number of email enquiries about certain things. By acting and reacting, your users will place more trust in your site as it will be seen as a cared for entity with a real person involved in helping them.

Close Enough is Rarely Good Enough

Good content is more than simply words for words sake. Filling the word count is not good writing and for you site to be taken seriously and trusted, it needs coherent and informative content. Taking your time to craft and refine your content will show dividends in the long run and help you build a trusted and successful website.

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