How To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Instagram is a hub for engaging, entertaining and vibrant content. It carries a vibe that attracts people towards the platform and holds them on the website. What if we tell you, even if you can have the same vibe for your website, would that interest you? If your answer is Yes, then this article is just for you. Here we will discuss some amazing ways that you easily adapt to enhance the vibrancy and liveliness of your website using Instagram.

If someone says, “He/she is active on social media platforms.” it is more likely that they use Instagram as well. Such is the popularity of Instagram, the opening statements of this blog are some of the reasons why people usually prefer Instagram. And even you can utilize the same by opting to embed Instagram widget on the website.

Now, some of the major questions that might be troubling you must be – What is Instagram widget? And how to get them? Don’t worry; we have you covered for this. We will be explaining both of them one by one.

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What is an Instagram Widget?

Instagram widgets are functional blocks on the website that allows users to showcase Instagram posts and content. You can easily get them from various tools such as social media aggregators. Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you collect social feeds from multiple social media platforms and then display them as a unified presentation on your website. It provides a dedicated Instagram widget that enables you to collect Instagram feeds from your desired source and displays them on your website. 

And now – On to your next question.

Best Tools That Helps You To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

There are ample tools that provide you the ease of embedding the Instagram widget on the website, but we have listed some of the best tools currently available on the internet for your convenience. These tools are effective and provide amazing features that add more value to the strategy.

1. Tagembed 

Tagembed is a well-renowned social media aggregator that has made a name for itself in recent times. The tool helps you in collecting social media feeds from 18+ social media platforms and allows you to curate them before displaying them on the website. It provides you with the Instagram widget that you can embed on your website. It helps you in displaying Instagram feed on the website. You can use hashtags, mentions and more as the source for collecting Instagram content.

Here are some of the highlighted features that it provides:

2. LightWidget

Lightwidget is another tool that allows you to display Instagram content on the website using Insatgram widget. So you can select your source for aggregation and then showcase them on your website without any trouble.

Highlighted features

3. SnapWidget 

SnapWidget is another amazing tool that provides you with the Instagram widget to showcase Instagram posts from your desired source. The tool is known for providing various layout and widget types that help you solve the purpose. Some of the amazing widget from the tool are : 

Summing it Up

In this age of digitalization, people prefer online shopping and favor visiting a brand’s website to know about the product or make purchases. Therefore, enhancing the website visuals has become one of the important task for the business. And as we talk about enhancing visuals, images, videos, and visual-based content comes to our mind as the first thought that can provide the needed aid. So, what can be better than out very own Instagram, which is a hub for such content? So try the apps mentioned above right now, and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers.

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