How To Make Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Payment?

This bank can provide you unlimited privileges such as for shopaholics shopping benefit products, same with traveling if you want to explore the world, dining, and more fun with standard chartered bank. One small product can make your dream true, one click and your wish granted.

Nowadays, every single person is too busy with overload work schedules. No time for anything, that can understand by the lenders that’s why to provide you payment options, an online and offline. You can select the option as per your convenience.

Standard Chartered Online Payment Method

Net-Banking: When you have a savings account in the same bank, then easily can link and pay bills before the due date. You can view the balance, outstanding details, bill payment date and make payment.

Mobile Banking App: The net banking and mobile banking portals are same, but the difference is only User ID-password. Download the app from the smartphone and install it. After installation, you have to login and make standard chartered credit card bill payment on time.

NEFT: When you don’t have an account in the same bank, you can use NEFT facility and pay bills. You need to add payee account number and other details and pay bills through NEFT.

Standard Chartered Offline Payment Method

Cash: For cash deposit have to visit the nearest branch, and drop it to the counter.

Cheque: Fill the cheque with payee name, account number, and payment, after that drop it to the ATM box.

What Are The Conditions We Need To Follow While Applying?

While you are planning to apply for credit card before that, should check online eligibility, income, and KYC. These are the main part when need to get instant approval.

Eligibility For Standard Chartered

KYC For Standard Chartered

Apply For Standard Chartered

You can apply for Standard Chartered credit card by directly visiting the website and following the steps mentioned below

Is It Possible To View Monthly Bank Statement?

Yes, you can view the monthly transactions while using online portal for payment or either the bank can send your report after the completed one-month billing cycle. You can view swipe report, expenses, the set limit and more.

Maybe sometime this question can click in your mind, why we need to check on a regular base? It can present your habits as well as credit score, which is necessary to get high CIBIL points for a loan or financial support. Because your payment, repayment, and utilization can show credit card handling behavior.

Where Can You Raise Your Credit Card Doubts?

The standard chartered customer care service is available for you by 24*7. The executives are activated to help you with a prompt response. You can ask product related issues, share feedback or complaints. You can call on toll-free number of the bank and within second get solution.

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