How To Manage Your Social Community And Why

In today’s social media and business landscape, it’s hard enough to employ just one tactic in sustaining your social media community well, and in any case, all of life requires a balance of some sort. And, honestly, yes, in truth, one will occasionally take precedence over the other when considering your target market or your eventual success metrics, but in any case, a complete plan of action to manage your online community should be in your possession before you commence.

Look, there’s absolutely no doubt that good content is the reason why a particular brand will stand out on social platforms. It’s why they celebrated in their communities, they above other things manage to engage better. Yet, regardless of what we all think community management is still what will consequently help them convert or monetise those engagements.  So conclusively, for better or for worse; a concrete community management plan will be the reason for your brands your brand’s reputation.

Lately, community managers are responsible for a whole lot more than just mundane tasks. They’ll also play the role of a customer service representative, someone to listen and advise product advice. On time and on brand, with no exceptions.  So we do not doubt that refreshing your community management approach will require some work.  No need to worry, we’ll tell you when and how to start.

Here goes:

1#Lead Your Social Space

Be number one, not only in your area of expertise but also in the people/fans who follow your brand online.  Don’t be shy, it’s unattractive, tell your followers exactly how to interact with the brand, and its calls to action and or value proposition. These instructions could include the kind of hashtags to use when reposting your brands digital marketing content. 

2# Relate to Your Audience

Relativity is everything! This is where your brand persona should shine. Rather than concentrating on professionalism or the ever so famous use Artificial Intelligence.  Remember that people connect better to other people. They do so in conversations and through connections. Because at the end of each day, your customers need to know that there’s someone to who they can share their pains with, and this works well in the customer journey.    

3# Engage, Engage, & Engage

Social media shows off your brand essence, it makes it personable, and that goes a long way.

Seek to create long-lasting connections, in the form of exciting and captivating content. The trick is to keep the conversations going through interesting topic choices on these social channels.

Join the many brands that have taken a step further, by getting involved in real-life activations, or by creating unique and pleasurable opportunities.

4# Reward Your Audience

People love rewards, of any kind that is, and they’ll be glad to win anything really. Hence they would naturally pull towards brands that offer them such prizes, and that will keep glued to all your posts hoping to catch their next freebie. It creates loyalty and grows numbers via word of mouth. People share when they’re in Joy.

Likes are not enough, you should instead consider ways in which to surprise them, and then use it as a means to thank them for their support. Give free samples, and offer discounts from time to time, whatever you do, show your fans that you just as dedicated to them as they are to you.

5# Transparency Is Everything

This is the golden rule of any and all relationships, transparency, which takes us to the recent traction to real-time online reviews. Your customers need instantaneous replies. Hence the importance for companies to be like the old saying, open books.  Social media thrives openness and companies need to follow suit.


Engage with your audience by acknowledging both their negative and positive comments alike and responsible for that reason. Remember the customer is still, always right…So any news is good news, you should welcome and correct any or all criticism. Because in doing so, you’ll obviously continue to build and sustain brand trust. And with time, credibility will be added on, which will then in return, boost the sort of attention your business receives with will ultimately convert your viewers into a customer. 



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