How To Tell If You’re Really In Love

Find love in life is one of the nicest things that can happen to men and women, feelings and only feelings that can last a lifetime.

But what happens when we are not really safe? Know if you’re really in love, if you feel is really love or just a passing attraction. Here we have some tips to know if you’ve found your soul mate.

Butterflies in the Stomach

That indescribable tickling, with a mixture of nervous stomach, alerting you’re in front of someone special. A common emotion in that crush at first sight.

Scientists say that this feeling of stomach turning inside of us is caused by nervousness we experience when we find love.

Irrepressible Joy

We laughed about everything and nothing. We’re just happy without knowing why, or rather know who he/she is.

This feeling is due to an increase in dopamine, known as the substance of pleasure in the brain, causing the happiness and excitement state. Sea dopamine or not, happiness is a matter of love!

Head in the Clouds

When you fall, especially in the early days, you cannot help but be in the clouds, just thinking it, dreaming of what the meeting and even in your imagination sketching a future together.

Hard to concentrate on anything else other than your love and although there is a scientific explanation for this process is much nicer to believe that love is a product of that special guy, do not you think?

From Happiness to Sadness

As is normal to feel happy when you’re in love, it is also common that passes through moments of sadness. The first altercations and misunderstandings are often the causes of crying and anger that reconciliations disappear.

Or ever heard say that love hurts?

Attraction and Desire

It is almost impossible to separate love and sex desire. In the first stage, attraction and desire are powerful and inevitable. Each meeting requires instinctively be together. Over time strengthens love and sex is one more spice in the relationship, but not alone.

Companionship, friendship, trust and affection with communication might be the pillars of true love. Being in love is an experience you must live, even once in life and enjoy every one of the sensations of knowing you’re in love.

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