Janpath – The Street Shopping Delight You Should Definitely Try

Apart from its exciting food scenario, the city of New Delhi is famous for its shopping hubs. A haven for shopaholics from all corners of the country, you can find all sorts of item in the streets of Delhi. Though the city has some renowned swanky malls, going on a street shopping spree is something you should always try in Delhi. Let’s take a look at a big name in street shopping in Delhi.

If you’ve heard about shopping places like Sarojini Nagar and Palika Bazaar, chances are that you must be knowing about Janpath. ‘The path of the people’, as its name defines, Janpath is a haven for street shopping in the capital city. A great place for the bargainers to show off their skills, you’d definitely return a proud shopper after buying more at less prices. The popularity of Janpath can easily be heard even in places like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, which are also home to equally enticing street shopping hubs. And to enjoy that you can easily find Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune to New Delhi flights.

Janpath is counted amongst the most popular places to shop in the national capital and was established in the early 90’s. The market is located on the Radial Road no. 1, in the Connaught Place circle. Janpath, along with Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place and Gupta Market, forms a tempting shopping hub in Delhi and invites almost million footfall in a day. The road leading to Janpath also connects to Rajpath or the ‘Queen’s Way’. The Janpath also connects Connaught Place to the poshest sectors of the city, the Lodhi Road.

If you’ve haven’t done shopping in Janpath, then do visit this happening place. There are several fantastic things you can easily procure at affordable prices. If you’re a budget traveler, you’d be happy to buy tonnes of items at almost nominal prices. Regulars to this market have charted out a list of things you need to be sure with while shopping in Janpath like keeping a fixed budget, buying items that are in trend and bargaining, bargaining and bargaining. Fashion dominates amongst the stalls that you’d find in Janpath. From traditional and daily western dresses to junk jewellery and from shoes to apparels, you can find all over here. you can also enjoy spa ayurveda tour via visiting India.

Art connoisseurs can also find several framed varieties of Madhubani and Rajasthani art work and if you’re looking to add something to your home’s beauty, there are several stall selling decoratives right at the beginning of the market. There is a good mix of stalls as well as shops which is located in the structures at the either side of the street. Along with this there are several stalls selling crafts, carpets, CDs and DVDs, home furnishing items, furniture, decorative items, etc.

There’s a bylane from Janpath which leads to a Tibetan Market , which excels in selling items like wall hangings tapestries, old hand work bags, coins, brass idols and more. Another fantastic place to explore in Janpath is the Central Cottage Industries Emporium (CCIE), where you can find different types of handicraft items.

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