Make Sure No One Rides Away In Your Bike

Keeping a bike safe was never an easy task. However, now it is harder than it was a decade or so ago. Bike thieves are smarter and faster. They have formed entire gangs to plan and execute robberies that are hard to predict or catch on later. The main reason for this is that people don’t take the time and effort to use secure bike parking solutions when they are out on the go. They feel it is okay to leave their bikes unattended for a few minutes. Unfortunately, this is not an option anymore. You wouldn’t know when and where your bike will be taken away from you. All the thieves will need is a location that isn’t too conspicuous and a few seconds to get the job done. Therefore, as a bike owner you need to make every effort possible to keep your property safe.

Find a Public Area that Allows Safe Parking

Most areas have public parking venues for bikes as a way of making the life of its community much easier. Parking lots and garages are an ideal choice if you don’t mind spending some cash. These venues charge a very minimal amount in exchange for taking care of your bike. At the end of the day, the amount you spend on the parking lot would be worth it.

The second option would be to park your bike at a public parking metre, bike rack or corral. Even though this is comparatively less safe than a garage, it will still get the job done to a certain extent. A thief would need to be very skilled to break a bike away from such a public place without getting noticed. When there is a large number of bikes parked in one place, the probability that your bike gets stolen out of the entire lot is very limited.

A common mistake most people do is parking their bikes by a pole or a tree. Even though these places provide a balancing spot for your bike, they in no way protect them. You might as well bid farewell to your precious two-wheeler before leaving it out in the open like that.

Know your Bike from Wheel to Wheel

It is very important that you are very familiar with how your bike looks. Every bike has some kind of serial number or code number. Make it a point to remember this. In addition, you may want to give your bike a few identification marks on your own. This may include carving certain numbers or letters on to the bike surface or painting it in distinctive colours. Something important to remember is that you shouldn’t make your bike look too fancy or obvious. It is a pretty straightforward fact that a bike that is easily noticeable has a higher chance of getting snatched away by a thief.

Use Smart Tricks when Locking it

There are many ways one can lock their bike. You could use a simple U lock and just fasten a single wheel onto a rack or use a cable that runs through both wheels. All of these methods are going to have their own weaknesses. For instance, the first method of using a U lock can be compromised quite easily by someone who has enough skill and experience at breaking locks. The second method with the cable would take a much longer time to break; however, it is not entirely impossible.

The solution for this problem is to use multiple locks and multiple methods to safeguard your bike.  Even though this might take more time than you’d like, it will ultimately secure something that is very valuable to you. You could use a combination of a U lock and a cable or two padlocks to fasten as many elements of your bike to the rack. It is a common trick used by many bike riders to overlap the wheels and then fasten them with a U lock. This creates a very tight lock that is hard to break. When using cables, it is better to use those that have a higher thickness. It is going to take more effort for anyone to cut through the entire cable when it is 3 or 4 inches thick. Apart from getting stolen, your bike may even get damaged by other vehicles if you do not position it the right way. This is relevant to a situation when you park your bike on a rack that is adjoining a curb. In cases like this, make sure that it is parked in a way that it is parallel to the road.

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