Pet Care On His First Day At Home

Today is the first day in a new home. Our puppy knows no odors, nor the people, nor the things that can be found. For our pet’s all completely new and different.

It is very possible that you are nervous, you know there are so many new things…

The first thing you have to do is find a place. That will be his “headquarters”, it is where you will be protected and secure. You place your bed and we can put a blanket or towel, which permeate his scent and be your reference inside the house.

Another important thing is to let it wander through the rooms of the house (which give you access) to go recognizing their new home. He will walk, smell and will learn their new situation. Both for puppies and kittens for our scent is a reference throughout his life which is always important to let in his bed some our pledge to go accustomed to the smell of new family members.

A very important thing for our pet respect their time, that is, we must let him sleep when you decide to do, eat when you want and play whenever you like. Do not worry, when the time comes to teach and modify their behavior, but for now, in the early days in his new home, we respect your space and habits acquired.

Remember it is a puppy, all interests, all can be a toy … prevents you from having access to objects that can hurt him.

Choose an area where you decide to have their water and food and always do it in the same place. The will to always look for food at the same place and make sure you never miss any of those things. In these early days you do not remove the food, you always have food and water in abundance.

In these early days he eliminates indoors, as usual, will not scold or yell at him in the coming days as it grows, we’ll have time to teach how and where to do it.

Try not to leave him alone, but if there is no choice other than long as it can suffer the syndrome of abandonment and if you do not know the house, not yet known to her new family well and is alone, can provide a great anxiety as young.

Another thing to keep in mind, especially if there are children in the house, as I mentioned is the need to respect their time. We all know that a puppy home is an incredible countless hours of fun and games, especially for the children of the house. A great joy and enjoyment for all family members but … if the puppy wants to sleep, we should respect his rest, if you want to eat we respect their hunger.

Veterinary specialists discussed many that not allowing our pet regulate itself, its own indices of sleep, hunger, gambling, etc … it is likely to cause imbalances in their behavior that most eventually can be very difficult to cure and control.

And last, but not least is to have prepared some appropriate toys for your pet and your age, generally any rubber doll, which has sound and vivid colors, no edges or moving parts that can come loose easily, are ideal so that he can develop his sight and hearing. There are many of these toys in specialized stores

In these early days, we must strive to find our beloved puppy happy in his new home and follow the guidelines we have discussed, we’ll make sure and have a wonderful life with our new family member.

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