Relation Of Blockchain Technology With The Future Of Instagram

Instagram is going nowhere and its future looks very bright. As it is, this platform comes with a lot of useful features and solutions that help marketers to reap the benefits of this popular social media platform standing second to Facebook. Moreover, you can even enhance your chances to reach to a larger audience and increase your conversions if you use useful and effective technologies such as Blockchain.

New technologies like this will not only help you to design the best solutions for your business marketing purposes but will also reinforce the permanency of this visual-based social network.

Most of the social media platforms consume a specific type of content whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

There is a huge number of bots, fake accounts and other malware that affects the Instagram feeds with forced content which most of the marketers like Stormlikes consider as garbage.

Most of the marketers and creators are constantly on the lookout for producing and delivering content of high quality which is why they spend most of the time and effort in building their own blockchains.

Better than its alternatives

Yes, you can also take a look at the different alternatives to blockchain to use in your social media marketing on any platform. However, it is a blockchain user app that has shown a steady surge making a notable impact in the mainstream.

This specific technology is affectingthe social media landscape especially Instagram. You will be able to keep up with the latest trends when you use this technology. This will help you to take care of two primary aspects that will help your site to gain the desired attention. These are:

The technology will help you to address the primary pain points by decentralization. This will increase the awareness of your brand and site through Instagram. Blockchain will solve a lot of problems though it is still in its early stage of development to build a better social media architecture.

If you use blockchain now you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors and once it reaches its final stage of development and mass adoption you can explore even more to make the best use of this space.

The influence of blockchain

There is no doubt that blockchain is influencing the modern social media landscape comprising of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. It is in fact not any exaggeration when it is said that most of the top performing social networking sites are experiencing their continual growth simply due to the use of new technologies like blockchain.

In this modern day and age, the social media platform is used by the different companies and brands for different purposes such as:

Technologies like this has helped the sites to prevent mishandling of user data which is primarily due to the manipulative and biased ads used on the social media networks putting it to shame.

There are lots of other reasons for the businesses to make this dramatic shift and blockchain to disrupt lots of industries when it comes to marketing their business through social media platforms.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the modern business world is turning towards such technologies to make a better online impression and validating online identities.

About user commodification

For any business, customer data is the most valuable asset. If only they can use it in a safe and secure way it will be profitable for them. With proper control of the data, the businesses can control different other things such as:

The best way to use user data securely is to use it on centralized social media platforms. In fact, it is no more a secret that social platforms such as Facebook and Instagramleverage user data to ensure that their targeted ads reach to the right clients.

However, when you use user data, privacy is another aspect that should be your primary concern. You should not make them feel that they are being commodified. With blockchain being used as a decentralized consensus mechanism, the privacy issue will be resolved allowing you to express yourself more freely and in the right way.

Get rid of all issues

Social media now is huge and has a huge potential for brands to reach out to a larger audience instantly. This is because you will be able to find a lot of teenagers interacting with their friends and colleagues through this platform constantly on the go, using their smartphone or tablet.

That means, most of the social media platforms, especially the most popular ones, have a lot of user information with them some of these sites are even willing to divulge it so that they can make their stockholders happy. Companies are often willing to pay large sum to get hold of this information.

Moreover, most of the social media platforms of today are centralized making it easy for the businesses to exploit it easily with little or no privacy or data security.

Therefore, given this situation, it is feasible and wise to switch to a blockchain-based social media platform. This will ensure a better and more secure end-to-end encryption that will be strong enough for any digital breadcrumbs to pick up. Most importantly, the blockchain-based social media platform will allow you to use digital currencies for any in-platform transaction.

So, go ahead and explore blockchain to stay ahead your competition and better your Instagram marketing strategy.

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