Teacher’s Guide To Different Forms Of Writing

Have you ever thought why some stories, essays and writing pieces sound completely different to others, even though the topics might be the same or similar in nature? This is because there are multiple writing kinds available in the writing field and each one is somewhat different to another in terms of thinking, expressions, reasoning and arguments. As students learn through different academic phases about various ways of writing, they must at the end of the day know all these kinds and be able to differentiate between them. This is important because it allows them to understand how each different writing works and what kind of thought process goes behind it.

If we try to understand the different genres of writing then we can come across many like argumentative, prose writing, essay writing etc. However, today our academic blog post will be featuring the four major types of writing which have complete forms and are important to be well understood in the eyes of experienced teachers.

Expository Writing- Tutorial or Opinion Oriented Writing

This kind of writing is one of the most common forms of online writing and blogs. Expository writing is the basic representation of a sequential form of writing which explains the reader of something or instructs them. It is also called How-to writing or the opinion oriented writing. Here the author has the liberty to consider himself as an instructor or a coach and express their opinion on the readers. Readers towards the end of an expository writing are left with information, knowledge and significant facts about the topic they just read.

Descriptive Writing- Visual based Writing and Expressions

Descriptive writing as the name says, is all about description of the topic, a situation, a thing or an instance. Here the author or the writer is trying to portray an imaginary formation of that topic in the reader’s mind through the use of words that perfectly describe the visual form. This kind of writing can be poetic at times and also relies heavily on the correct use of expression based words. Here you might come across articles or essays based on travelling, tourism, and stories or defining a product or its features.Students normally complain-Do my assignment paper and they can make their life easier by contacting different mediums.

Persuasive Writing- Trying to Convince

Another form of writing which is important to understand and is completely different to the generic ones is the persuasive writing. Here the writer is trying to express his opinion on the subject and trying to convince the readers throughthe rationale of his choice as well as to persuade them in believing the same.Persuasive writing relies heavily on strong facts, arguments and reasoning that can help to convince readers.

Creative or Explorative Writing

It is one of the most interesting and modern ways of writing. Creative writing is like an art, where the writer enjoys the freedom to explore different ways of attempting the topic, there is no rigidity to follow the writing rules or a structure. Mostly stories and poems are based around the creative writing formula.

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