Three Ideas To Brighten Up Your Office

If you have a desk job, you probably spend more waking hours in your office than you do at home – so how you feel about that space really matters! Whether it’s a cubicle or an open floor plan set-up, here are three ideas to liven up your workspace and get you feeling good about going to work.

Fix Your Lighting

Many office buildings rely on standardized fluorescent lights, which can be too bright and harsh. Fluorescent lights are great for hospitals, but in an office setting, you can do better! If you own your business or have control over the lighting system, consider installing warmer, more focused lighting, such as recessed or track lighting. You can contract commercial electrical services houston, or wherever you work, to help you get the job done. Even if you can’t install new lights, a funky desk lamp with a warm bulb can go a long way toward making your workspace more cozy.

Use Your Walls

While adding color always helps brighten a room, there’s a lot you can do with wall space beyond painting. One great option is to create a chalkboard wall, or, even better, a dry erase wall. It’s inexpensive and easy to do yourself, and you can find clear dry erase paint so you don’t even have to change the wall color. The best part is that it can also help you get more done at work, whether that’s displaying your to-do lists or brainstorming new ideas with colleagues. Dry erase walls work great at home, too – put them up in your kids’ rooms, and you’ll never have to worry about crayon on the walls again!

Go Green

One of the easiest ways to improve your office space is to invest in a few houseplants. It may not seem like a big deal, but plants in the workplace specifically have been shown to boost productivity and increase job satisfaction among employees. You’ll want to find plants that are suited for the amount of natural light in your office, and it may be a good idea to designate watering responsibilities as appropriate so that everyone in the office has a hand in keeping the greenery going. As long as your plants are well-selected and cared for, the foliage will add a warm, welcoming touch to your reception area or conference room.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create a more inviting environment at work. The more comfortable your office, the more productive you’ll be – and that’s good for business!

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