Top 5 Romantic Travel Gateways

Journey becomes happiness when pleasure accompanies with romance. Since ages, couples find it exciting to visit romantic destinations to rekindle their romance at the unforgettable places. If you are planning to revive the cupid between you two, here are the top 5 romantic travel destinations that can make your trip memorable.

Aspen, USA

Though, the slopes of Aspen, Colorado are known to be a star-studded skier’s paradise, it is certainly the best choice for a romantic trip as well. Besides the attractive panorama, Aspen offers a lot more to the visitors including superb hiking, top-notch accommodations and happening nightlife. The mountains, lake and meadows of Aspen will bring a fresh life to your romance. Pump up your trip by getting close to each other at Glenwood Hot Springs, a perfect romantic treat for wellness lovers.

Venice, Italy

Take a pleasure break with your man on the most romantic and historic sites of Italy. The city of Venice has an amazing attraction that is lovable by every tourist. Romance and Venice goes hand in hand with the exotic locations and dreamy architecture. La Bella Venezia has everything that a couple need to get passionate about. The ancient city is stuffed with magical bridges, charming canals and centuries-old architecture that are mesmerizing for every traveler. The most romantic doings of Venice is the famous evening gondola ride along the Venice canals that you should take once in your lifetime.

Corsica, France

France is just perfect to travel with your loved ones, as the stunning French sceneries are ideal to declare your undying love. The beauty of Corsica Island will leave you speechless, making it impossible for you to believe that the splendor of the place is actually real. The breathtaking sights of the island and a plethora of charming views will drive a new sense of romanticism between you two. Don’t miss out a visit to 13th century Calvi Citadel and make your visit more stirring with a romantic dinner.


Unleash your romanticism by experiencing the natural beauty of Australia. Give a fresh spark to your relationship by traveling to Kangaroo Island, a perfect romantic gateway for lovers. Kangaroo Island has almost everything to offer, including wilderness, adventure, beauty, history, flowers and fresh air. You can spend quality time with your loved ones by doing various activities, such as scuba diving, swimming, fishing, sailing, and boating. From natural sceneries to adventure, from food to wine, Kangaroo Island is a power-packed travel destination for the couples in love.

Caribbean Islands

When it comes to plan a romantic holiday, one cannot ignore the Caribbean Islands. The exotic locations of Caribbean are perfect place to get closer to your partner while experiencing the most memorable fun time. The most-sought after Caribbean Islands are replete with bright lights, breezy atmosphere, casinos, adventures, and multiple opportunities to steal the fun. Adventurous couples can enjoy day sailing and snorkeling, while the romantic couples can make their trip special with dinners at stylish restaurants and casual-chic bars.

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