Top 5 Unforgettable Experiences For Students On London Educational Tours

Educational tours in London are a great way to provide students with a range of insights across the academic disciplines. Whether you want to take a sports team on a sporting tour or a business class around the Square Mile, there is nowhere better in the world for learning than in London. In addition to gaining crucial knowledge about a specific subject, these tours can provide a platform for socialising, for broadening horizons and for independence.

1. Greater Knowledge of Subject Matter

It’s all well and good learning something in a book, but seeing it for real is the best way to cement that knowledge forever. Whether you are taking theatre students to a string of shows and backstage tours or taking art history students around the capital’s amazing galleries, what they see on that tour will far outlive book-learned facts and figures. Not only does an educational tour increase knowledge, but it also enhances it by giving it a framework or context. Seeing things in their actual place provides a deeper level of comprehension.

2. Independence

Depending on the age of your students, this may be their first trip abroad or to the capital without parents. Although tours are fully guided, with guardians naturally provided by your institution, the trip will inevitably involve a level of independence not yet experienced by some students. Allowing young people greater independence increases confidence and self-esteem, which in turns improves their individual educational outcome.

3. Experiencing a Truly Global City

As major world capitals go, London is pretty exciting. It’s the most-visited European capital based on yearly figures, and this is no surprise when you consider what it has to offer. London is home to some of the best museums, art galleries and historical attractions in the world. It’s also a place where 300 languages are spoken, eight million people live and thousands of exciting cultural events occur every day.

4. The Social Factor

Students gain so much from a trip abroad. An important element is the opportunity to connect better with friends and even forge new friendships that they never would have in the classroom situation. An educational tour is also a chance for students and teachers to get to know each other better, which again enhances their overall educational outcome.

5. Creating Memories that Last

Few of us can forget our school trips – even the ones that were just for a couple of hours at the local museum when we were seven. That’s because these trips stay in our memories next to the everyday slog of being in a classroom, which pales by comparison. Whether it’s a memory of seeing in the flesh a picture or building only previously seen in books or just giggling on the coach with friends, these memories will last a lifetime.

London educational tours are where unforgettable memories are made, friendships are forged, independence is encouraged and students gain a deeper and more contextual understanding of their subject area.

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