Wedding Photos To Save Unique Memories Of A Once In A Lifetime Day

Wedding photography has evolved tremendously since the traditional teaming of bride’s family vs. groom’s family and the shot of everyone all together for the mantel photo. As bridal parties grow larger and families become more blended, a successful photographer can get creative and personal to provide the couple with an image customized to their day and their personalities. New technologies including drone shots from panoramic angles and post-photo add-ons increase the ability to create a one-of-a-kind wedding memory.

Customizing To The Couple

How do your bride and groom enjoy their leisure time? Are they fans of the big city, or do they prefer the great outdoors? Couples that enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain climbing would be ideal candidates for a more unusual choice of scenery, such as this beautiful farming wedding here.

Getting Everything From A New Angle

The addition of drone-captured photos can add a unique and lively viewpoint to many an outdoor wedding. Drone photos can also be used to isolate the couple in their own unique world. Set against the lush backdrop of French Polynesia, Helene Havard uses drone photos to isolate wedding couples from the bustle of the day and place them in an oasis of their own.

Drone photographs ultimately offer views that were previously impossible to capture unless from a helicopter. As drones are more flexible, less invasive, less dangerous and less costly than shooting from a chopper, images such as this ancient stone bridge are now possible.

If the wedding party and the photographer are feeling a bit more death-defying, many natural settings offer the chance to capture an image of extreme beauty and extreme isolation. Be aware that harnesses and climbing helmets may be needed.

Fantasy Wedding Imagery

Wedding themes are no longer just about color and finding the right bridesmaid’s dress. If the bride and groom are clothed in Star Wars costumes, superhero garb or green Shrek make-up, join in. Can you add to the joyous geekiness of it all? How about some light sabers?

An adventurous wedding party can add a lot to the joy of the event. Before things get too serious, let this fun group of loving folks who’ve known the bride and groom for a long time lighten the mood.

Wedding locations can be a simple matter of convenience or may a a personal and unique statement. For couples whose wedding venue provides tremendous meaning, add some special shots just for the two of them. This unique library background provides plenty of information about this couple in one pretty dance step.

Of course, the wedding photographs aren’t complete without the parents of the bride and groom. Several unique options are available from Bridal Guide, including photos of three generations of wedding ringed-hands in one photograph. Additional generational options include parents walking down the aisle with their children, multiple photos of a treasured wedding dress that’s been handed down, and three sets of “I Do, and I Will Again,” kisses.

Finally, let’s not forget the little ones. Many adorable options for ring bearer and flower girl photos are available, including several featured in From traditional Indian garb to a fairy-themed flower girl, these adorable yet very necessary additions to any wedding are eye catching and ready to do their part.

Traditional weddings are not a thing of the past, of course. However, as brides and grooms marry later and our citizens and cultures are more mobile, each member of the wedding party brings their own preferences and their own history to the event. Blending family, friends, wedding party members and the bride and groom in lovely, memorable and fun photos is a valuable skill.

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