What Should You Look For In Adhesive Suppliers

Suppliers are a key part of any business: without their products, you wouldn’t be able to make a profit. A good supplier can be the difference between a healthy bottom line and falling into the red. There are a number of adhesive suppliers with many products, which makes choosing the right one a difficult task. You may think it’s all down to price and the cheaper the better. However, price is just one factor to consider when choosing adhesive suppliers. So here is a list of things to look for.


Of course, when it comes to choosing an adhesive supplier, the cheaper their products the better – although you must not sacrifice quality for cost. A cheaper adhesive could spell danger for your business if it’s not up to the job and leaves you with angry customers. Similarly, if an offer from a supplier for an adhesive seems too good to be true, then it generally is. A supplier needs to make a profit too, and if they are undervaluing their products, then it’s likely they’ll go bust, leaving you without a supplier and putting your business at risk also.

Quality and Reliability

The quality of adhesive that you receive from your supplier has to be good. Your customers will blame a bad job on you – not your adhesive supplier. Late deliveries can also impact on your service, and it’s the customer who is ultimately let down. A supplier who can deliver quality products on a regular basis will allow your business to grow.

Cash Flow

When choosing a supplier, ensure that they have sufficient cash flow to be able to deliver what you want and where you need it. Company credit checks are a great way to assess the financial stability of a supplier to ensure they don’t go out of business, leaving your orders unfulfilled.

Speed and Flexibility

An adhesive supplier needs to react quickly to your demands and will also need to change orders at short notice during emergencies. Ensure that your supplier can get supplies to you quickly. Time is money, and waiting for adhesives to arrive will eat into your profits.

Customer Service

Your supplier needs to communicate clearly, deliver on time, and be honest when there is a problem. A good supplier will talk with you on a regular basis to check whether their service and products meet your needs.

How to Find Your Next Adhesive Supplier

You can find different suppliers through a number of channels. Build up a shortlist so you can get a number of quotes. New suppliers can be found through:

Once you have drawn up your shortlist of suppliers, try to meet as many of them face to face as possible. Before you sign an agreement with a supplier, carry out due diligence to see if they can fulfil your orders.

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