What to Prepare When Selling Your Home

The real estate market is currently experiencing a shortage of homes for the number of buyers looking. As a seller, this puts you in a position to get the most from your sale, especially when your home is attractive to new buyers.

Prepare Your Mind

Before you can list your home, you need to make sure you are ready to sell. Some people like the thought of downsizing or relocating but don’t realize how much effort it could take to get their home prepared for the market. Ask yourself if you can afford the costs of selling a home, if there is enough equity in the home to make it worth it, and if you are ready to leave your home. Emotionally prepare yourself for the transitions that will be coming.

Prepare Your Finances

Selling a home will come at a cost, even if you decide to sell your home on your own. You will need to have enough resources to do any of the updates, maintenance, or repairs on your home, but you will also need to have the money for closing on your house. You may need to pay listing fees on websites or newspapers, and you will need to make sure your property has a clear title and is without a tax lien. Hiring a real estate agent is often the best way to sell your home quickly, and they have access to many resources that you may not. However, the average cost of hiring a good agent is 6% of the selling price.

Prepare a Timeline

When you get ready to sell, you will want to choose a time period when the market will be most active. This is usually spring and summer. Set a listing date so you have the motivation to get your house ready to go when the date rolls around. Don’t forget that increased buyer traffic could mean people will be pickier with what they are looking for and their price point.

Prepare Your Interior

Chances are you will still be living in your home when you put it on the market. This is okay, but buyers don’t want to look at all your stuff when they walk through a house. You will want to declutter your home and start to remove personal items from the walls or bookshelves. If you have old, outdated furniture, you may need to look into a retailer like the Joybird company to help stage your home. The good thing about changing out some of your worn out pieces for the finds at Joybird is that you will get to take the new furniture with you. Remove any extra pieces of furniture that hide or take away from the features of the home, such as closet or storage space. If your closets are clean and organized (and mostly empty), you are highlighting one of the key selling points of a home.

Prepare Your Exterior

The first impression is the lasting impression, especially in real estate. Buyers who see a well-kept, neat yard and a beautiful exterior will raise their expectations over the interior. Pressure wash your driveway and walkway. Rake leaves, and cut the grass. You may need to pressure wash your siding or put a coat of fresh paint on your porch or the entire house. Fix broken siding, door trim, or roofing tiles. Hang some plants or set up a flower bed. Make the exterior of your home visually appealing once someone drives by.

The first few weeks your home is on the market brings the most attention, so you need to make sure everything is ready to go before the first agents start coming through or curious potentials start driving by. You don’t need to spend a small fortune, but as they say, sometimes it takes a little money to make money.

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