Why Cafetieres Are Preferred In The Food Industry

When you wake up first thing in the morning to the fresh smell of freshly brewed coffee, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to start the day. These days the cafetiere is every coffee lover’s preferred brewing method. For those who work in the catering and hospitality industries, cafetieres are a stylish, time-saving and convenient way to brew the perfect cup of coffee, guaranteeing a top-quality drink every time.

The Perks of a Cafetiere

In recent years, there has been a trend towards ‘reclaiming’ breakfast, making it less of the hurried afterthought it had become and seeing it as quality time to socialise and energise before the day ahead. Coffee has long played a part in our breakfast routine and rituals, and as a nation we cannot get enough of the stuff – estimates suggest the UK consumes 55 million cups every single day.

If you’re tired of the expensive designer coffees or your rushed cup of instant in the morning, then a cafetiere is the perfect solution. With some beautifully designed models of cafetiere now available in both glass and stainless steel, they make a stylish centrepiece to any breakfast table, and as well as bringing that wonderful touch of elegance, they’re quick and easy to use.

For coffee purists, a cafetiere is the ideal way to brew coffee. It’s far superior to instant in both flavour, scent and depth. You simply need to add the recommended amount of coffee grounds to your cafetiere, top up with boiling water and press down the plunger after giving it a few minutes to infuse.

Whether for brewing coffee at home, to adorn the breakfast table of a high-end tearoom or hotel or for use in a commercial kitchen, a cafetiere is a vital piece of equipment for any serious coffee lover.

Cafetieres in the Food Industry

From hotels and B&Bs to restaurants, cafes and tearooms, any establishment serving coffee could benefit from a cafetiere. Placed on the table of a hotel or café, a cafetiere allows guests and customers to simply help themselves and top up their cups as and when they need to, meaning waiting staff are freed up to concentrate on other tasks. With waiting and kitchen staff not under constant pressure to monitor and top up coffee machines, you help to create a much more relaxed working environment, and staff are more efficient when it comes to the day-to-day running of kitchen operations.

For commercial kitchens where a fast turnaround is essential, a cafetiere ensures you get the same high-quality flavour of coffee as quickly as possible, and in greater quantities. While coffee machines are expensive to run, often slow to brew and need almost constant topping up and cleaning, a cafetiere is simpler to refill and far easier to clean once you have finished with it.

For anyone working in the food sector, investing in a cafetiere ensures the perfect drink every time whilst saving you time, money and effort. To know more click here.

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