Why You Choose Your Partner

Every day we live with people with different personalities, but only one of those people we attract to form a loving bond. That’s why we say here are some of the features which can be born a relationship.


The distance between two people is relevant to a relationship because it determines the frequency with which they will be and share moments, some relationships fail because they are carried away and there is such a strong tie to keep a commitment.


A person who can and know to take care of it be a potential partner that can also take care of others.

Similar Goals and Likeness

We all have goals, but if your partner does not pursue similar goals to yours may not understand the why and wherefore of your decisions, you may tend to limit yourself. They say opposites attract, but when two people who have values, thoughts and such ideologies are more likely to be born a compatible and lasting relationship.

Friends and Lovers

Some people believe that the best relationships are those that occur from a friendship. Choosing a partner that can also be your friend, make sure you can come to that person at any time.


An intelligent person, who not only challenges you intellectually but also make the best decisions and know reflect before acting.


In some cultures, the family can be very important for a relationship. They are people with whom we live in special dates and with whom you feel comfortable to make the relationship work better.

Social Relationships

A person who can develop in different contexts important to you and that also have a social circle like yours or you can live with.

Physical Attraction

Eye love is born. The first impression we have of determining whether a person can be a potential partner or if there is no chemistry between you so you can be something deeper than friendship.


The personality can be the first hook to attract someone, but always nice and original personality will determine whether two people can have a lasting relationship or just liking.


The most important of all. Maybe the person appeals to you in different ways and are compatible goals and character, but if there is a bond of love and respect, the relationship could be only fleeting.

These features can determine the seriousness and duration of a relationship.

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