Why You Should Give A Vegan Detox A Try

We’ve all been there, after Christmas or a particularly long all-inclusive holiday where you wake up one day feeling bloated and sluggish, just having that general feeling that you need to get something a bit healthier and lighter into you instead of the meat, carbs and alcohol. It’s a common feeling and one that means many people diet in January after Christmas, so much so that Veganuary has now become a very popular trend for people to follow as it gives your body a chance to detox and flush itself out before you can go back to eating the normal balanced diet that you would normally have during the rest of the year. 

Veganuary tends to get great reviews by people who have done it with claims that it makes you feel like you have more energy and just a general better feeling about yourself. A lot of this may well be down to the psychological element and the fact that you know you can go back to eating your normal diet after a few weeks but either way it’s a great way to improve how you feel about yourself.

One of the toughest things about going vegan is that you might not know how you can get the calories you need or indeed even how to cook certain things like tofu. Most of us are used to cooking chicken, the different methods and how they give a different texture as well as seasoning and what it can be used in but if you were to ask someone who had never eaten tofu before how to do that, they would probably struggle. Being vegan has got a lot easier in the last 5 years or so as now most brands have vegan alternatives to the meat versions, even sausage companies like Richmond are releasing things like vegan bacon so it isn’t how it used to be where the thought was that vegans basically ate rabbit food.

If you are going to be eating processed and packaged foods then you won’t be getting the most out of your detox diet, the key to this diet is to eat fresh. A good option especially if you are only going to be doing it for a month is to use a vegan meal prep service, this way all of your meals will be freshly prepared for you and delivered to your door, these can either be eaten cold or if necessary heated up in the microwave with maximum ease. Another great reason to use a meal prep service is that it actually gives you ideas on what to cook and things that go well together whilst giving you all of the essential nutrients you need.

So why not give it a go, you can start off by doing one week, see how you get on and then try and extend it to a month. You never know, you might really enjoy it and feel much better in yourself to the point where you become vegan full time. 

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