Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. Diet and High-Metabolism exercise that helps to lose weight, Balanced diet will make you feel balanced mentally, These foods are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins enough to stay in great shape!


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight

Rich in fiber, it contains bromelain, an enzyme in the diuretic and anti-cellulite, which helps eliminate fat. To Drink our to five times per week. Its calorie content of 33 Kcal / 100g.

Green Tea

10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight1

Green tea is well known for its diuretic and slimming action. The caffeine, it contains huge amount of basal metabolic rate (and thus energy expenditure). Tannins, in turn, reduce the absorption of fats. Finally, its diuretic properties that facilitate the elimination of toxins.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight2

This sweet pepper is very low in calories: it contains 20 kcal. per 100 g. A diuretic action, it boosts metabolism. It also eliminates some amount of the sugar and fat in your body.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight3

It has a high concentration of carotenoids (vitamin A), beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. A 100g serving of carrot covers more than half the daily requirement of vitamin A for an adult. It also contains vitamins B and K. Low-calorie foods can help you lose weight.  it contains 36 KCal per 100g.

Black Radish

10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight4

Very rich in vegetable protein, iodine, And an excellent appetite suppressant. It activates the thyroid function and has a “detox” effect. Its caloric power, very low, is 17.8 kcal / 100g.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight5

Consists 97% of  water, the cucumber is the best diuretic effect in the body. It accelerates the eradication and promotes weight loss. It is rich in vitamin K and at a very low calorific value (12 Kcal / 100g)

Cherry Tomato

10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight6

It is very rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamins C and B9. Its diuretic power helps eliminate toxins in large number in the body, thereby avoiding fat storage in the body. Its calorific value is 29 Kcal / 100g.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight7

It is also one of the most effective slimming fruit. It contains fibers in a large amount. It favors the elimination of fats and thus promotes weight loss. It is also rich in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Its calorific value is 45 Kcal / 100 g.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight8

Have you ever noticed its ability to absorb fat when cooked in the pan? Well, just imagine that it acts as the same way in our body. Rich in pectin, it helps us to eliminate the fat, on condition of cooking without fat. To consume without moderation.


10 Fat-Burning Foods That Help You Loss Weight9

A powerful antioxidant, lemon is a prime ally for health. Very rich in vitamin C, it helps the body to better digest food. It activates the secretion of bile, thus facilitating the digestion of food. Finally, citric acid, lemon will help the stomach to better Destock fats and proteins. Its calorific value is 33 Kcal / 100 g.