Buying a vehicle will be a dream for many of us. We would like to maintain them for a lifetime. But is it good to keep the vehicle unused in your garage for a long time as a showpiece? Or someone may take care of the vehicles by proper cleaning and maintenance works on the exterior parts alone. But each vehicle dealer will remind you of the need for servicing at the time of purchase itself. Keeping that in mind you must be aware of the benefits and should practice a good vehicle servicing routine. In pitstop like agencies, you can avail all the major and minor services necessary for your vehicles with expert hands. 

Need for servicing

For many of us, our cars will be the most intricate and sophisticated piece of machinery we own. And it may be the most valuable asset in many of our lives. We can’t think of a frequent purchase of the same. Once we purchased a car, we just have to use it to maximize its company guaranteed lifetime. Without the prescribed services we can’t properly maintain a vehicle.

Benefits at a glance

Many of you might be thinking that frequent servicing is not at all necessary; instead, you can combine two nearing services to save money. But your apprehension is wrong and you may end up spending more money in the future. Here are the four major benefits of car servicing.

  1. Saves money

Servicing is essential to maintain fuel efficiency. The proper replacement and servicing of the vehicle parts may end up in the full breakdown of the vehicle.

  1. Enhanced safety

The servicing of a vehicle not only considers the repair issues, instead will take care of some safety issues too. The potential threats can be identified with them. The worn parts, suspension, steering, seatbelts and brake system checks, etc. are included in this.

  1. Increases the longevity

A continuously maintained engine will have a longer and better performance than the abandoned ones.

  1. Retains the resale value

A vehicle with proper service history always attracts second-hand buyers and may get more resale value.

The frequency of servicing

As a normal practice, every vehicle must undergo a servicing in every 10,000-15,000 kilometres or once in a year, whichever is the earliest. One may have to increase the frequency of servicing in the following severe operating cases:

  • Usage of sulphur-containing fuel

Some fuels have over sulphur content in them and that will demand extra emission and exhaust control on devices.

  • Short trips in the initial stage

The short trips never allow your engine to get into the operating temperature. This will adversely affect the internal working of the engines.

  • Engine idling

Sitting for a long time idle will not be good for the engine as it won’t contribute to the engine temperature. Especially for taxis and delivery vehicles, we have to take care of these things.

  • High dusty driving

The dust particle may affect the fine machine metallic surfaces acting like an alternative. The filters and engine parts may get clogged up with these dust and continuous services can get rid of them easily.

  • Towing a trailer regularly

When pulling a trailer, most of the internal engine parts and brakes may have to undergo extra strain leading to early wear and tear in the engine parts.

  • Constant braking and accelerating

The frequent breaking and unwanted accelerating, in traffics and all, may give mechanical stress to the vehicle.

The major servicing checklists

  • Front and rear brake pads

Your brakes need an adequate amount of material to function accurately. The material slowly wears down over time through use. You may have to do oil changing and interval servicing.

  • Leak or damage in the brake system

The damage in the brake system may cause a faulty performance of the whole vehicle breaking. The repair must be corrected then and there with proper replacement or servicing. In the interval servicing, one can check these things.

  • Checking of the brake fluid

With the wearing of the brake pads, there may be a considerable difference in the brake fluid levels. This may affect the hydraulic lifting system.

  • Brake fluid changing

The brake fluid absorbs the water content and the moisture level in the fluid may affect the engine performance. The timely replacement of the brake fluid is necessary for the best performances.

  • Oil filter replacement

The engine oil normally lubricates the moving internal engine parts and prevents the overheating and failing in the fast-spinning parts of the same .the oil filter clarifies the oil from soot and dust, thereby calling a frequent replacement of the filter and engine oil.

  • Verify the coolant level

The functions of the coolant in the engine are to lower the operating temperature by flowing through the passageways. But the very lower level of coolant also causes the overheating of the engine leading to huge damage. By inspection services, one can ensure the apt coolant level in the vehicle.

  • Power steering fluid

The need for the proper fluid level is important in vehicles with hydraulic assisted power steering. The service person will inspect this level and fill up if necessary during the interval services.

  • Steering system

The steering system consists of a series of rods connected to the wheel end. Movable joints are connected at the ends. If any jamming of these moving portions occurs, it will dangerously affect the steering performance.

Winding up,

 Though the car servicing choices are entirely personnel, being a great vehicle freak, one can never ignore the service needs of their vehicles. The yearly or half-yearly services must provide your vehicle with a long life with the best performance although the running periods. But getting it done at an expert’s place is more important than doing the same for namesake. The pitstop agencies are the stalwarts in the field. Getting an expert to follow up for your vehicle constantly will make your vehicle perform best and make the owner feel satisfied.

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